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WM plans to expand Ottawa facility

Waste Management of Canada (WM) has unveiled a proposal to expand its waste management facility on Carp Road to mee...

Waste Management of Canada (WM) has unveiled a proposal to expand its waste management facility on Carp Road to meet the recycling, composting and landfill capacity needs of a rapidly expanding City of Ottawa. WM also plans to capture the landfill gas and use it to generate four megawatts and eventually approximately 13 megawatts of electricity, which is enough power to supply up to 13,000 homes every day.

“This expansion is absolutely necessary to meet the needs of a thriving and growing city over the next 25 years,” explained Michael Walters, WM’s Senior District Manager of Landfills for Eastern Canada. “It is an important component of the City of Ottawa’s Integrated Waste Management Master Plan to provide an environmentally safe disposal solution for current and future waste management needs. What’s key to our proposal is that we will continue to reserve up to 90 per cent of our landfill’s capacity for the City of Ottawa.”

The environmentally safe, multi-purpose facility will be designed, built and operated in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s strict landfill regulations. Among other initiatives, the facility will further enhance the environmental protection of the ground water by building a double composite liner system that’s more than three metres thick and includes leachate collection and treatment along with systems for the comprehensive monitoring of groundwater, surface water and landfill gas.

WM will undertake a comprehensive Environmental Assessment (EA) process that will consider the interests of the public, the environment and waste management. The first step in this process is the preparation of a draft Terms of Reference (ToR) document — a detailed plan for how it intends to conduct the EA. After WM has been made aware of the community’s views, a ToR will be submitted to the Ontario Minister of the Environment for approval. Following the minister’s approval, the EA will be initiated, with the ministry providing oversight and guidance throughout.

Waste Management is committed to ensuring that its neighbours and the community are informed of the company’s activities surrounding the proposed expansion and will host an open house on Tuesday, February 7, 2006. The company has also distributed a community newsletter, launched a website ( and established an information line at 866-332-6145 to provide the community with the latest information about the proposed expansion.

“Waste Management is committed to environmental stewardship and the protection of the health and well-being of our employees and our communities,” said Michael Walters. “We believe that recycling and waste management solutions are possible only when business, government, communities and citizens direct their energy, experience and resources toward a common goal.”

Waste Management is the leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in North America, offering advanced residential, commercial and industrial collection, recycling and disposal solutions in Ottawa and throughout Canada. WM of Canada employs 3,400 people at 116 operating locations in 8 provinces, servicing 4.5 million residential and 170,000 industrial and commercial customers and owns and/or operates 20 recycling recovery facilities and 18 landfills.

For more information, contact Wes Muir, director, corporate communications, at 905-633-3940.

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