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Wisconsin passes e-waste recycling bill

As Governor Jim Doyle signed Senate Bill 107, Wisconsin’s Electronics Recycling Bill, into law today, th...

As Governor Jim Doyle signed Senate Bill 107, Wisconsin’s Electronics Recycling Bill, into law today, the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW) recognizes the cooperation of numerous partners to assure passage of this landmark legislation.

“Local governments, processors, collectors, landfill operators, and the environmental community alike have come together to achieve this tremendous victory for Wisconsin,” said Toral Jha, AROW Executive Director. “The passage of this bill will not only ensure the safe collection and processing of electronics in Wisconsin, but will also set the stage to truly shift the paradigm of how products are managed in our communities at the end of their useful life.”

Beginning January 1, 2010 manufacturers of video display devices, computers and printers sold to Wisconsin households will be required to assume responsibility for the collection and proper recycling of electronic devices, including computers, televisions, printers, and fax machines. Also, beginning September 1, 2010 the landfilling or incineration of certain electronic devices will be prohibited.

“While many Wisconsin communities had funded electronics recycling programs for their citizens, these programs were in jeopardy due to state and local budget cuts,” says Karen Fiedler, Waukesha County Solid Waste Manager and AROW Product Stewardship Committee Co-Chair. “Now that this law has passed, we look forward to working with processors and manufacturers to provide convenient recycling opportunities and education for our citizens. This relieves the burden of funding from taxpayers to product manufacturers, while increasing program efficiency.”

SB 107 is based on principles of product stewardship developed in conjunction with other Midwest states – an approach that encourages producers to take responsibility for minimizing all of the life-cycle impacts of a product and its  packaging – including product design and end-of-life management. The bill is modeled after the successful legislation passed in Minnesota in 2007. Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana have also passed electronics recycling legislation. Wisconsin is the 20th state to pass legislation mandating statewide electronics recycling.

The bill is expected to contribute to the state economy by creating opportunities for new businesses and jobs and ensuring the recovery of valuable natural resources.


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