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Website launched to share eco-information

EcoEarth LLC has launched , a forum-based community offering the first of its kind, topic- spec...

EcoEarth LLC has launched , a forum-based community offering the first of its kind, topic- specific forums centered on environmental issues.

“Our goal is to provide the central hub for ecologically concerned citizens to find an easy to use resource where they can learn about and share information on various eco-subjects” says Tim Matteson, co-founder of

“We are focused on doing one thing right; providing a community for like-minded, eco-concerned citizens, to congregate within specific topics that range from Hybrid vehicles to Composting to Eco-Chic events.”

The creation of is the joint effort of Tim Matteson and Joseph Gutwirth.

“We are both environmentally-minded people trying to do our part. We found it difficult to easily find Green info on various topics within one place.” says Mr. Gutwirth. “I recently went from a Porsche to a Prius and my partner Tim went from a SUV to a BioDiesel Mercedes, finding a single web based resource to support the changes we were contemplating was very difficult. We found many websites that seemed to offer many things from news, blogs, stores, jokes, and videos, and we just wanted a place to learn. Based on our experience and the notion of others, likely struggling as well to learn how to be a part of the global environmental movement, we decided to create” is dedicated to the cause of helping to stop global warming and taking a positive step toward helping to reverse the damage that has been done to our planet.

In an effort to support similar companies, is now offering free advertising on their site to companies offering eco-products and services. Theyve also created specific forums for companies and organizations supporting similar efforts including a new form for humanitarian efforts including the specific atrocities taking place in Darfur.

For more information please contact Tim Matteson at or by phone at 310-836-4064 or visit

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