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Waste reduction award for Shaw Industries

For the fourth consecutive year, the California Integrated Waste Management Board acknowledged Shaw Industries, Inc...

For the fourth consecutive year, the California Integrated Waste Management Board acknowledged Shaw Industries, Inc. through its Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP). The California Integrated Waste Management Board has administered this program for 16 years as a means to publicly promote businesses locally and statewide that implement environmental best practices for successful reduction of waste disposal in landfills. The WRAP Award is judged by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. The Board, part of the California Environmental Protection Agency, promotes a program named Zero Waste California in partnership with local government, industry and the public.

The four Shaw facilities in California that service the Tuftex and The New Patcraft & Designweave brands received the WRAP designation. During 2007, Shaw diverted approximately 11,340,000 pounds of recyclables from the landfill, resulting in an estimated $1,850,000 in savings through waste reduction, reuse and decreased landfill costs.

“By incorporating waste reduction, reuse, and recycling efforts into how you conduct your daily business activities, you are steering your community along a path towards zero-waste and minimizing your eco-footprint. Your efforts influence the way business is done in California,” said Edward Reidhead of the California Integrated Waste Management Board. “Shaw’s efforts influence the way business is done in California.”

“Shaw continues to be committed to environmental-responsibility and strives to implement additional means of reducing waste. This is the type of leadership which significantly contributes to one of Shaw’s Growth and Sustainability key focus areas which is materials resource management,” said Rick Ramirez, Shaw’s vice president of sustainability and environmental affairs. “Additionally, by finding alternatives to recycle industrial waste material, the Shaw plants have significantly reduced disposal and transportation costs. These waste reduction efforts have helped reduce California’s municipal waste, material sent to landfill, and environmental emissions. We are proud to receive the WRAP Award for our efforts in California.”

The Shaw Environmental System is an Environmental Management System, a set of processes and practices designed to reduce environmental impacts and increase operating efficiency within manufacturing plants nationwide. The Shaw Environmental System is based on ISO 14001 and is modified to address the specific environmental considerations relevant to the carpet manufacturing industry.

Initiatives like waste reduction are one of many initiatives part of the Shaw Green Edge, the company’s umbrella term encompassing over one hundred active environmental, social and economic initiatives. Recently, Shaw’s executive team expanded the meaning and purpose of the Shaw Green Edge as defining the company’s sustainability business platform to drive business performance, innovation, growth and productivity. According to Ramirez, sustainability fully defines Shaw’s business model as the foundation necessary to continue positioning Shaw as the industry leader today and in the future.

The Shaw Green Edge Sustainability Business Platform embraces, organizes and drives the company’s business model around three pillars:

• Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

• Operational and Environmental Excellence

• Designing Unique Products and Services

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