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Veolia presents award to Rinchem

The Electronics Recycling Division (ERD) of Veolia Environmental Services North America is pleased to announce a wi...

The Electronics Recycling Division (ERD) of Veolia Environmental Services North America is pleased to announce a winner of its Environmental Stewardship Award for 2006. Rinchem Company, Inc., a chemical management services provider based in Albuquerque, NM, is one of this year’s recipients.

Each year, Veolia’s ERD selects valued customers from each region that has exhibited a dedication to environmental stewardship that goes above and beyond that of a simple recycling program. Rinchem’s integration of environmental protection, continual improvement of environmental performance and environmental awareness efforts exemplify what its means for a company to pursue environmentally sustainable business practices.

During a site visit, Linda Dillard, Account Manager for Veolia Environmental Services, was impressed not only with Rinchem’s facilities and employees, but also their systems. “I could clearly see Rinchem’s commitment to reducing its solid waste stream while maximizing recycling and re-use through its take-back program of electronics for the city,” she stated. “Their dedication to electronics recycling, energy efficiency and resource conservation further illustrate their environmental commitment.”

In a notification letter to Rinchem, Veolia Environmental Services stated, “This recycling award is presented to Rinchem to recognize its superior efforts in recycling and environmental stewardship, and to demonstrate our appreciation for the relationship that has developed over the years between Rinchem and Veolia.”

Veolia Environmental Services has partnered with Rinchem by assisting it with properly managing and recycling its mercury-bearing fluorescent lamps, lighting ballasts and batteries. Rinchem supports Veolia’s recycling efforts from its TSDF and recycling center in Albuquerque, NM.

Lise Gorgone, Director of Operations for Rinchem, stated, “We are very excited to be recognized by Veolia for our environmental services and recycling efforts. We expect we’ll continue to receive a high demand for our environmental services and this award is a testament to the dedication of our staff to providing the high quality of service and to our corporate mission of being the most responsive provider of chemical management services any of our stakeholders ever experience. We look forward to growing our partnership with Veolia in 2007.”


Veolia Environmental Services North America Corp., headquartered in Lombard, IL, offers fully integrated environmental solutions to virtually all industrial, commercial, municipal and residential sectors. It is part of the Veolia Environmental Services (VES) group, the only global manager of liquid, solid, non-hazardous and hazardous waste; on-site waste processing, industrial cleaning and process maintenance; and recycling, recovery and disposal for both the public and private sectors. VES has over 80,000 employees in 35 countries and posted revenues of $9.8 billion in 2006. Veolia Environnement (NYSE:VE), the parent of VES, with operations in water, waste, energy and transportation management, has more than 270,000 employees in 64 countries and recorded revenues of $37.7 billion in 2006.

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Rinchem Company, Inc is a leading provider of Chemical Management Services to the semiconductor, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology [cb2]industries in the United States. Rinchem is a privately held company headquartered in Albuquerque, NM serving the United States, Mexico, Ireland and Israel. The company’s network of service centers, warehouses, and transportation fleet provides its customers with full supply chain management solutions related to chemicals and environmental concerns. In business since 1976, Rinchem provides comprehensive services including chemical warehousing, chemical and waste transportation, waste stream management, and safety and regulatory training and consulting.

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Scott Thibodeau, Veolia ES Technical Solutions 920-757-5265

Denisse Ike, Veolia Environmental Services North America 630 218 1751

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