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Vancouver group steps up anti-incineration campaign

Zero Waste Vancouver has launched a challenge to Metro Vancouver's politicians to stop the plan for incinerators in...

Zero Waste Vancouver has launched a challenge to Metro Vancouver’s politicians to stop the plan for incinerators in the Lower Mainland.

Metro Vancouver is considering committing three billion dollars to operate as many
as six garbage incinerators in the region.

“People intuitively understand that we can’t go on burning and burying our waste. Elected leaders need to give communities solutions that get to the root cause of the problem,” says Helen Spiegelman, Zero Waste Vancouver Coordinator.

Zero Waste Vancouver will canvass candidates in the 2008 civic elections, asking them to state where they stand on Metro Vancouver’s proposal to build waste burning facilities.

Port Moody recently explored building a waste-to-energy plant. Intense community opposition forced the company to pull out of the city.

“Metro politicians don’t seem to realize that they are seriously misreading the public’s
views on this issue — though the experience in Port Moody should be a wake-up call.”

Zero Waste Vancouver advocates for extended producer responsibility (EPR) and organics diversion. EPR shifts responsibility for products and packaging back to the brand owner. Organics diversion would also help to divert as much as 40 per cent of waste, which is made up of compostable organics.

“As soon as people look closely at so-called ‘waste-to-energy’ it becomes clear that this is nothing more than a glorified term for burning waste. Can’t we do better than that?” asks Spiegelman.

Contact Helen Spiegelman, Coordinator, Zero Waste Vancouver, 778-866-4445 or 604-731-8464.

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