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Van Dyk Baler Corp. & Bollegraaf new deals

Leading distributor of single stream processing equipment, Van Dyk Baler Corp. has completed the installation of it...

Leading distributor of single stream processing equipment, Van Dyk Baler Corp. has completed the installation of its first Bollegraaf single-stream system in Canada for International Paper Industries (IPI). Headquartered in Vancouver, IPI, has incorporated a Lubo OCC Starscreen, a Double Deck ONP/French Banana Starscreen (paper commingled separation) with air and a Glassbreaker Starscreen into its new system. The single stream system will process over 40,000 tonnes/year of Winnipeg residential recyclables.

Bollegraaf and Lubo were both pioneers in single stream processing. Some of the benefits to single stream recycling are lower collection costs and higher diversion rates due to easier participation by the homeowner, one tipping floor, and one residue stream. Municipalities and waste haulers are taking an in-depth look at single stream recycling as a way of streamlining collection and processing to reduce overall operating costs of their recycling programs.

In related news, Recycled Fibers, a division of The Newark Group, recently purchased three of Bollegraaf’s balers for use in their plants around the country. Starting with two Bollegraaf HBC-140F balers for its Newark, NJ and Moraine, Ohio plants, Recycled Fibers also purchased a Bollegraaf HBC-80 baler for the Shreveport, LA plant. The HBC-80 will be Van Dyk Baler Corp.’s first installation in LA. Both the HBC-140 and the HBC-80 feature the signature Bollegraaf pre-press flap.

Van Dyk has also completed six of eight installations scheduled for Recycle America Alliance of the Bollegraaf HBC-140F Baler. These eight new Bollegraaf balers will be in operation at the following locations across the United States:

Minneapolis, MN Baling mostly all fiber (News, OCC, mix) from the 40 ton/hour Bollegraaf single stream system
Berlin, CT Baling OCC
Brooklyn, NY Baling News, mixed fiber and OCC from NYC curbside collection
Seattle, WA – Baling Fiber from single stream system
Milwaukee, WI (A-1 Peltz) – Baling OCC
Madison, WI Baling OCC and mixed fiber
Menasha, WI Baling OCC and mixed fiber
Denver, CO Baling OCC

The HBC-140F is one of Bollegraaf’s most powerful and fastest balers and, like the rest of the HBC balers, features the signature pre-press flap which allows the baler to perform at the high capacity required at the facilities.

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