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Van Dyk Baler and LUBO USA sell systems in Quebec, Florida

Cascades Inc., has purchased several new Lubo screens for it's recovery division in Gatineau, Quebec. Cascades will...

Cascades Inc., has purchased several new Lubo screens for it’s recovery division in Gatineau, Quebec. Cascades will incorporated a Lubo OCC Starscreen, a Double Deck ONP/French Banana Starscreen and a Glassbreaker Starscreen into its new system. This new system will process 25,000 tonnes/year of single stream recyclables.

Lubo USA is working with Cascades in a team effort by supplying the mechanical separation screens and offering support to their engineers to ensure successful integration with Cascade’s conveyors, platforms and operational throughput. Installation is scheduled for July 1st, 2004.

Meanwhile, St. Lucie County, Florida has purchased a complete C&D system with 2 starscreens. One starscreen will sort material 12″ minus, while the second screen will sort
1″ minus. The C&D system will include two sortlines with magnets, with an air system on the second line, and a reversible conveyor to feed into a trailer or CBI grinder.

St. Lucie purchased a Lubo USA system for their C&D landfill in order to extend the life of the landfill and ensure a high recovery of recyclables. Since new construction is at an all time high in Florida, wood comprises a large part of the incoming stream. After installation is completed, St. Lucie will accept material from surrounding counties, increasing tonnage from 190 tpd. to 280 tpd.

The Lubo starscreens, specifically modified for C&D material, play a key role in these systems. Material is sized to present only clean, large items on the overs sort line, immensely decreasing the handsorting that still needs to be done. The unders line can screen out a product as fine as sand and have the balance cleaned up with an airsystem and after that, the Lubo Water-Bath Separator separates the unders material into stones and light residue fraction.

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