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Toronto Cintas centre earns green honour through zero waste goals

The Cintas Toronto Distribution Centre (DC) has earned Canada’s second TRUE certification status from Green Business Certification Inc. Canada (GBCI Canada).

The 60,000 sq.ft. Mississauga facility was awarded the honour in October 2017 for achieving its zero waste goals through innovative vendor partnerships, the dedication of its Green Team, and complete engagement of its 56 employees.

The distribution centre is diverting 93.59% of its waste from landfill, and is one of five Cintas facilities so far to achieve TRUE Gold certification in North America, with more planned in the near future.

GBCI Canada/Cintras. The Green Team members who led the TRUE certification were: Maria Lukasiewicz, Production Supervisor; Antonietta Montagnese, Administrative Assistant; and Aftab Shamsudeen, Production Manager.

The Green Team members who led the TRUE certification were:

  • Maria Lukasiewicz, Production Supervisor
  • Antonietta Montagnese, Administrative Assistant
  • Aftab Shamsudeen, Production Manager


1. The company uses recycled plastic water bottles to create suits that customers can find for purchase within the Cintas catalogue.

2. The facility worked with the company that serviced its waste and recycling needs, Waste Connections, to analyze its waste and provide recommendations on more ways to recycle. Cintas Toronto DC also privately contracted Waste Connections to recycle its plastic and cardboard, receiving credit in return and thus generating additional cost savings.

3. Given the company’s large focus on garments, finding a way to recycle waste fabric proved to be a particular struggle for the distribution centre. After several years of searching for a sustainable solution, Cintas Toronto DC spoke with H&M Canada, which suggested that the facility contact GFL for fabric recycling. Cintas’s corporate office also recommended reaching out to Wiseman Export as another way to deal with the discarded textiles. This resulted in a synergistic relationship in which Wiseman Export takes garments disposed of by Cintas Toronto DC, shreds the fabric and then repurposes it as rags and to make mattresses.

4. Along with the idea to reuse shipping paper and have fabrics recycled, Cintas Toronto DC made other changes to its processes as part of its efforts to decrease waste. The facility breaks down damaged pallets to create new ones, and it has reduced its usage of cardboard boxes by switching to plastic containers where possible or reusing boxes from previous shipments. It also purchased a new machine that has halved the amount of plastic shrink wrap utilized in comparison to manual usage. (SOURCE: GBCI Canada)

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