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Top five easy green ideas for Earth Day -- a leading green energy site offering customers options to switch to renewable energy and p... — a leading green energy site offering customers options to switch to renewable energy and purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) — suggests five simple ways for consumers to be green on Earth Day (Tuesday, April 22) — a day where people commit to help raise environmental awareness around the world to promote a healthy, sustainable planet. Earth Day is an event celebrated simultaneously by more than a half billion people.

Minimize time spent in the car. An easy way to help reduce those harmful emissions is to leave the car at home for short trips. Also, consolidating errands into one big trip is more beneficial than making several smaller trips from home and back. Carpooling to and from work is another way to contribute to the environment as well.

Unplug non-essential appliances. Many home appliances use low levels of energy even when they are turned off. Unplugging these appliances completely or plugging them into a power strip and turning the strip off are both ways to help reduce energy consumption.

Scrape that dish! Instead of rinsing a dish before placing it in the dishwasher, scraping it is just as effective and doesn’t waste any water.

Go green on grocery bags. An innumerable amount of plastic grocery bags are disposed of every single day — and the recycle rate is extremely low. Saving and re-using plastic grocery bags or getting a special cloth bag just for shopping are both great ways to be green.

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs): When a consumer purchases an REC they ensure that somewhere on the grid, someone is receiving the benefits of green energy instead of fossil-fuel power. Doing so can help push renewable energy to the forefront of consumption, and helps reduce carbon emissions.

For a more long-term option, one of the simplest ways to make a difference in the environment is to purchase a renewable energy plan. GreenEnergyChoice customers can use the free online ordering system to research renewable energy plans — with the electricity that powers their homes being produced directly from resources such as wind, water, solar and more. Customers in areas that do not offer wind energy rate plans can still research other clean and affordable renewable energy options from several well-known and trusted energy companies or purchase RECs to offset a portion or all of the carbon emissions from their annual energy usage. Either of these options helps consumers participate in saving the environment for more than just one day out of the year.

About GreenEnergyChoice:

GreenEnergyChoice offers customers a place to find environmentally-friendly electricity or natural gas providers that offer renewable energy in Texas. GreenEnergyChoice is a free online service committed to making it simple for customers nationwide to protect the environment through their purchasing decisions. GreenEnergyChoice is a member of the WhiteFence network.

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