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Routeware, Inc. and Perkins Manufacturing Company (“Perkins”) have announced that the two companies hav...

Routeware, Inc. and Perkins Manufacturing Company (“Perkins”) have announced that the two companies have formed a strategic business alliance to bring a new level of automation for solid waste trucks.

The partnership brings together Perkins’ industry-leading tipper technology with Routeware’s advanced on-board computing system. The result of this integration will be a Smart Truck capable of tracking driver pick-up activity at an unprecedented level of accuracy. This seamless integration will fed directly back into the hauler’s operations and financial reporting system, giving haulers greater utilization of their key assets: routes, vehicles, and drivers.

“Perkins is one of the most trusted names in the waste industry,” said Robert DeKoning, President & CEO of Routeware. “Their products have set the standard for automated container pick-up. By adding Routeware’s considerable on-board computing power, haulers can now realize dramatic improvements in residential collection efficiency.”

Perkins Manufacturing Company President Robert Mecchi underscored the groundbreaking ramifications of the new alliance. “Providing accurate collection data in real time allows the hauler to make better, smarter decisions regarding routes and productivity,” Mecchi stated. “Routeware’s technology platform makes it the perfect integration partner for us because they provide the most versatile, highest-performing on-board data collection system in the industry. Together, we can bring haulers a new level of performance and customer service and provide them with a very strong return on investment.”

Engineering teams from both companies have worked very closely together to develop the seamless integration between the product platforms. Perkins tipper data will now be read automatically by Routeware’s DMS 5000® on-board computer, building a detailed profile of all lift activity on the vehicle. This information can be very valuable to haulers, who are constantly challenged to find ways to increase efficiency and decrease costs. For example, using the Perkins/Routeware solution, haulers can compare actual tipper data to the number of scheduled customers to insure that all stops have been properly serviced — or that unauthorized service was not performed.

“Consistent with their tradition of being industry innovators, Perkins is also adding RFID and weight-in-motion capability to their tipper line,” commented DeKoning. “That data is also part of the integration and fits perfectly into our Smart Truck concept that we introduced in 2008. The goal is to give haulers 100 per cent service verification — that is, the ability to track activity at every stop on every route. With Perkins as a partner, this new alliance takes a very large step towards realizing that goal.”

A demonstration of the tight integration between the products can be seen at Waste Expo, to be held June 9-11, 2009 in Las Vegas. The Perkins booth (number 10033) will feature the company’s tippers interfaced directly with a DMS 5000 unit. At Routeware’s booth (number 8040), clients can see the data collected by the unit and how easily it can be viewed and analyzed.


With its powerful combination of on-board computing and back office software, Routeware helps haulers optimize routes, track driver field activity, and cut costs. The system fully integrates with existing routing software and adds powerful analysis tools such as route costing and customer service information — in real-time — including backup and service verification cameras, RFID, and scales integration. From the driver to the CEO, Routeware provides the entire organization with the information it needs to improve service, boosts profits, and unleash productivity. Routeware is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.


With the addition of the Automated Front Load Carry Can (The PAC) and the Automated Side Loader System (The PAS) as well as the Scale and RFID line, Perkins has the most comprehensive and versatile cart lifter line in the industry. In addition to residential systems, Perkins provides industrial lifters, hydraulic rear load container latches and front load carry cans. With customers on six continents and worldwide distribution, Perkins is one of the most recognized brand names in the residential waste collection products. With pioneering features such as rotary actuators, breakaway faceplates, high ground clearances and the patented sweeping motion, the Perkins TuckawayTM lifters quickly became the leading brand for cart lifters.

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