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The EnviroPharm Conference 2004

The EnviroPharm Conference 2004 "Pharming Our Future" will be presented March 25-26, 2004 at Lionhead Go...

The EnviroPharm Conference 2004 "Pharming Our Future" will be presented March 25-26, 2004 at Lionhead Golf & Country Club, Mississauga, Ontario. The event is presented by The Environmental Advisory Group (EAG).

Delegates will hear experts review important legislation impacting the pharmaceutical industry such as:

Federal: Environment Canada’s Green Plan
Health Canada, Office On Sustainable Development
Transborder Crossing
TDG Regulations
Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Program (DSCSP)
Provincial: Stewardship Ontario, BILL 90
B.C. EnviRx
Alberta EnviRx
Quebec Initiatives
N.S. Sharps Program
Municipal: Non-Hazardous Waste
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

About The Environmental Advisory Group: EAG is a multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm with specific expertise in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. EAG has assisted organizations since 1990 in planning and executing strategies to meet environmental requirements. Our customers use our services because of our highly specialized knowledge of pharmaceutical environmental challenges, and our systems approach to assessing and taking action on corporate environmental issues:

Regulatory Affairs Marketing Packaging Waste Management Operations Office Procurement QPICs EH&S Clinical Trial Management Hazardous Waste Disposal Product Returns.

If you have responsibility in any of these areas, you will want to attend EnviroPharm 2004. You’ll leave the conference with real-world action plans that offer comprehensive solutions to complex issues:

Materials Management: Innovations and Options.
Conducting Packaging Audits.
Pharmaceutical Success Stories: Examples From the Industry.
Where to Find Cost Savings that will Directly Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line.
Pharmaceutical Packaging Stars vs. Dogs (OTC, Rx, Samples, Clinical Trials).

Registration Fee: $700 for both days ($654.20 + GST $45.80)
Exhibitors: $525 for both days ($490.65 + GST $34.35)

To Register, call our Conference Manager at 416-452-5514, or EAG’s offices 905-569-0620
EAG, 2205 South Millway #43, Mississauga, ON L5L 3T2

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