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Announcing three one-day modular workshops February 24-26 in Mississauga, Ontario.

Announcing three one-day modular workshops February 24-26 in Mississauga, Ontario.

The fields of dangerous goods transportation and waste management are becoming increasingly complex and are placing an ever expanding onus on all parties involved including manufacturers, shippers, generators, carriers, transfer and disposal facility operators. This series of three one-day, modular workshops are designed to help participants navigate through the complex rules and regulations at the Federal and Provincial levels that are necessary to ensure compliance. The programs have been developed in a modular format to address the needs of both new and experienced participants alike.

Module 1. Transportation of Dangerous Goods

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) regulations continue to be amended on a regular basis. This session is designed to show those who are new to the field how to comply with the regulations, and to give an update on the latest amendments to people who are currently trained and active in the field.

·         Current to TDG amendment Schedules 6 and 7

·         Inter-modal and trans-border issues

·         Classification of dangerous goods

·         Labeling and placarding

·         Shipping documents

·         Packaging requirements

·         Reporting

·         New Emergency Response requirements

·         New requirements for infectious substances

·         New requirements for miscellaneous materials

·         New exemption criteria

New emergency response requirements

Module 2. Hazardous Waste Management

Initiatives such as pre-notification, mixing restrictions, derived from rules, land disposal restrictions (LDR’s), recycling restrictions, options and the requirements of the registration process all add to the cumbersome task of hazardous waste regulatory compliance in this area. The new LDR’s are placing significant, new, responsibilities on generators and service providers alike.

·         Ontario Regulations 347, 461 & 558

·         Part V Applications (Certificates of Approval)

·         Physical and Chemical Properties of Classification

·         Waste Characterization Methodologies

·         Analysis Techniques, Chains of Custody

·         Waste Class Codes and Numbers

·         Registration and Manifesting

·         Exemptions and Recycling

·         Characteristic & Specified Wastes and Schedules

·         Mixing, Blending and the Derived From Rule

·         Hazardous Waste Information Network (HWIN)

·         Small Quantity Generators and Exemptions

·         Load Refusals

·         Land Disposal and Storage Restrictions

·         New definitions

·         New diagnostic criteria

·         The use of TCLP

·         Pre-Treatment of wastes

·         New Notification and Reporting requirements

·         Re-assessment and re-registration of wastes

·         Stream deactivation

·         Soils and Debris

·         Generator Registration for LDR

·         CEPA & Pre-notification


Course Leaders

Henry Krupa had a distinguished career in government as Director of Legal Services for the Ontario Ministries of Environment and Energy. As the Province’s most senior legal advisor on environment and energy matters, Henry played a leading role in every major environmental and energy issue in the province, in developing virtually every provincial policy and law that will govern these sectors for years to come, and in the Province’s compliance, enforcement and prosecutorial activities. Henry’s unique qualifications and experience make him a key resource for this workshop. In addition to presenting the plenary, Henry will be available at the concluding forum to answer your legal and compliance questions.

John Hosty A strong leader, entrepreneur and team developer in the health, safety, environmental and training fields. John has developed a unique focus in the provision of National and International industrial health, safety and environmental consulting. This as a private consultant, business owner and senior administrator in a variety of educational institutions and industrial services companies. As a Spill Control Manager (Incident Commander) and Emergency Response Coordinator, John has managed numerous transportation spill responses, major waste management projects and marine incidents. He has also served in an advisory capacity for legal counsel and is qualified as an expert witness by the Ontario Superior Court. Captain Hosty is author of “A Practical Guide to Chemical Spill Response” and a regular speaker at Hazardous Materials conferences across North America. Additionally, he runs numerous workshops and seminars in the above fields throughout Canada.


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