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Study confirms strongest European paperboard packaging brands

Iggesund Paperboard's brands Invercote and Incada are the strongest brands on the European paperboard packagi...

Iggesund Paperboard’s brands Invercote and Incada are the strongest brands on the European paperboard packaging market. That’s the conclusion of a European brand survey based on more than 1,000 interviews with converters and brand owners. The study was done by the consultants Opticom International Research.

Entitled "The Brand Equity Tracking Survey Cartonboard for Consumer Packaging," the survey evaluates the brands with regard to a number of criteria: spontaneous brand recognition, the experience of quality in a number of respects, and brand loyalty. The survey concludes that the most valuable brand is Sweden’s Iggesund Paperboard’s Incada followed by Invercote.

It is slightly puzzling that Incada is seen to be more valuable as a brand than Invercote, since the folding boxboard Incada was only launched in 2001 whereas the company’s spearhead product Invercote has been on the market for 40 years.

"The folding boxboard market is so much bigger and broader than the market for solid bleached board, where Invercote is," comments ystein Aksnes, director of sales and Marketing at Iggesund Paperboard. "It’s natural that Incada is much more exposed to a wider audience, whereas Invercote operates in a distinct niche market.

"Overall, though, the survey gives us good marks for both the quality of our products and the effectiveness of our marketing. We have succeeded in spreading the word about our specialist knowledge and or continual work to develop and adapt our products to market demands."

The survey encompasses both virgin-fibre-based and recycled-fibre-based paperboard. Leading the league table are brands from three big manufacturers: Iggesund, Stora Enso and M-Real. But no brand featuring recycled-fibre-based products made the top ten.

"One important aspect of our market-based work has been to demonstrate all the fantastic possibilities offered by paperboard," Aksnes continues. "This work centres more on the transfer of knowledge than on traditional advertising, but it builds strong ties with everyone who uses our products.”

This knowledge transfer not only involves increasing customer awareness of what can be achieved with paperboard. At least as important is the knowledge of how to work with the product in the best possible way.

"Our technical service and documentation are intended to ensure that our customers get the most out of the paperboard they buy," Aksnes explains. "Every printer and converter knows that a press stop or having to reprint a big job costs more than any possible savings from buying a poorer grade of paperboard. Taken together, our quality and service provide good overall economy."

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