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Stewardship Ontario seeks new CEO

Kinley & Connelly has been retained to help Stewardship Ontario recruit for a new Chief Executive Officer.

Kinley & Connelly has been retained to help Stewardship Ontario recruit for a new Chief Executive Officer.

Stewardship Ontario was created in 2002 in response to a request from the Ontario Minister of the Environment to Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO). The minister asked the WDO to submit a waste diversion program for Blue Box waste.

Ontario’s new Waste Diversion Act and the subsequent minister’s letter to the Chair of the WDO requires all companies that introduce packaging and printed paper into the Ontario consumer marketplace (“stewards”) to share in the funding of 50 per cent of Ontario’s municipal blue box waste diversion programs. Stewardship Ontario received approval from the WDO for a Blue Box program and in 2003, the WDO submitted the plan to the environment minister. Stewardship Ontario implemented the program as outlined by the plan.

Stewardship Ontario has been asked by the Government of Ontario and the WDO to take on another new program: Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste. As a result, Stewardship Ontario is at a stage in its growth and evolution to recruit its own CEO to lead the organization.

Stewardship Ontario is seeking a a strong leader who has demonstrated leadership success in complex, multiple, stakeholder organizations (a mix of public and private would be ideal), a proven track record of success in building and sustaining relationships with boards and committees, an ability to develop, implement and achieve strategic plans and a knowledge and understanding of sustainable development, recycling, waste management.

A copy is available of the detailed position profile which outlines this very exciting leadership role, the mandate of Stewardship Ontario and the candidate qualifications that are being sought.


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