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Stewardship Ontario deadline passes, data collection and other news

Stewardship Ontario has reminded companies whose materials are managed via the blue box that "stewards" who were of...

Stewardship Ontario has reminded companies whose materials are managed via the blue box that “stewards” who were officially notified by a letter dated January 16, 2004 were required to report and pay fees by April 20, 2004.

There was a 60 day grace period from interest and penalties. This ended June 21, 2004. Stewardship Ontario will now charge interest and penalties for non-complying stewards (those who received letters but have not registered and/or have not filed materials data reports and/or have not submitted payments), unless these stewards register by July 4, 2004, and submit a report and payment for the period February 1, 2004 to June 30, 2004 by end of business day July 30, 2004.

For assistance, please call Stewardship Ontario’s customer service representatives at 1-888-288-3360 or send questions to

Stewardship Ontario’s Board of Directors has approved the use of calendar year 2003 as the basis for stewards’ reports for the 2005 program year. Stewards should start gathering 2003 generation figures for obligated packaging and printed papers as soon as possible. Through the summer, Stewardship Ontario will consult with stakeholders on various issues including timelines for entering and submitting these data. They will keep them informed of these developments as they arise.

Stewardship Ontario is planning consultation this summer with stewards and stakeholders on key issues, e.g., governance and market development. The consultation is required to make revisions as per the approved Blue Box Program Plan. The first session, which will be a round-table "initial listening" phase will take place in Toronto on Thursday, July 15, 2004. The second phase to consult on proposed options that emerge in the round table session is scheduled for Wednesday, August 25, 2004. Watch the Stewardship Ontario website for detailed information including locations, time and registration.

The E&E Fund Intent to Apply is available at the Stewardship Ontario website. Municipalities are encouraged to apply for financial support for programs that will increase residential Blue Box diversion, divert new materials and/or reduce program costs. Detailed applications will be available from July 1, 2004. Find out about priority programs for the 2004 E&E Fund on the web or contact Geoff Love at: or 416-594-3460.

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