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States to get serious on e-waste in 2005?

While there are 36 electronics waste bills in U.S. state hoppers this year, only one of interest to manufacturers h...

While there are 36 electronics waste bills in U.S. state hoppers this year, only one of interest to manufacturers has made it through, according to State Recycling Laws Update research for a presentation at the recent IEEE/IAER Electronics Recycling summit in Scottsdale.

The state update, presented by Derrick Wong from the Fortune Group for publisher Michele Raymond, indicates that though Maryland and Washington passed general e-waste bills, only Maine has placed a mandate on cathode ray tube makers to ensure takeback of old products. California enacted a fee on CRT products in 2003, and is wrangling with implementation details this year.

SRLU research also found that Maine additionally passed a ban on Octa- and Penta-BDE’s (types of brominated flame retardants) similar to a ban in Europe. California is also moving on such a ban.

It should be noted that there are six more mercury product bills moving in the states this year. Maryland just enacted a labeling mandate, while California and Illinois are moving major product ban proposals.

Raymond concluded that if the states can come up with a narrow scope for their “producer responsibility” electronics waste bills, so the states only need to enforce on a few hundred manufacturers, industry could be looking at a slew of new laws in 2005.

“Only a national takeback program can stop the train,” comments Raymond. She adds that there have been no signs that industry has been able to yet agree on a national plan this month.

Raymond Communications publishes the newsletters State Recycling Laws Update and Recycling Laws International, plus the report “Electronics Recycling: What to Expect from Global Mandates”. The company has organized a teleconference on the Restriction on Hazardous Substances implementation details for July 14.

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