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Solid Waste & Recycling top website among trade magazines

Once again Solid Waste & Recycling has scored highest among trade magazines for visitor traffic at its website www.

Once again Solid Waste & Recycling has scored highest among trade magazines for visitor traffic at its website from among the long list of business-to-business publications owned by Business Information Group, a subsidiary of international publisher Hollinger. Business Information Group is Canada’s largest trade magazine publisher, and Solid Waste & Recycling is published by the division known popularly as the EcoLog Group, which also publishes HazMat Management magazine and a variety of environmental law updates and newsletters.

In October, 131,645 page view/impressions were recorded at the website, which is fully integrated with other information products on Business Information Group’s state-of-the-art Oracle database. This is more than any other publication’s website within the company, which is remarkable considering that certain other magazines publish more frequently than Solid Waste & Recycling (which comes out six times per year). The only other sites within the company that generate more “hits” are, understandably, the large directory products, such as industry-leader Scotts. Other trade magazines with exceptional web traffic (above 100,000 hits) include Truck News (100,051 page views in October) and The Northern Miner (115,001 views).

Another bit of data that stands out is that the “unique visitors” to the Solid Waste & Recycling website in October spent an average of 25 minutes browsing the site — double or triple the standard time in the industry.

“This tells me that people in the waste management community are hungry for information,” says Editor Guy Crittenden. “They’re obviously Internet-savvy and have come to appreciate that we provide good online content beyond the trade magazine.”

Overall traffic at about 45 websites operated by Business Information Group has increased sharply so far over the past year, from 1.9-million page views in October 2002 to 3.27-million in October 2003.

“Many of our readers and advertising customers need to know that our database platform is now integrated across the company,” adds Crittenden. “This means that news and other information available on our website is searchable via the other information products through their sites, and everything is categorized and cross-referenced. So a presence on our site puts one in a world of more than three million page views, which is exceptional by any standard, and those views are growing by more than 30 per cent each year.”

Readers and website visitors interested in learning more about all of Business Information Group’s trade magazine and directory-type products can visit the company’s website at

For more information, contact Guy Crittenden at 416-442-2202

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