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Solid Waste & Recycling contributing editor named to Ontario EA panel

Usman Valiante, principal of environmental consultancy General Science Works in Toronto and a contributing editor t...

Usman Valiante, principal of environmental consultancy General Science Works in Toronto and a contributing editor to Solid Waste & Recycling magazine, has been named as a panelist in the new Advisory Panel on Environmental Assessment in Ontario.

The membership of the panel is as follows:


Dr. Beth Savan (Chair)

Dr. Savan, an environmental scientist, has extensive experience in government, the media, and in academia. For seven years, Dr. Savan directed the Environmental Studies Programs at Innis College, University of Toronto, where she teaches senior level courses. She has a cross-appointment as an adjunct Professor in the Geography Department and in the Masters in Planning Program, where she teaches environmental planning. Her recent research and publication activities focused on the topics of community based research, environmental standards and monitoring, citizen science, and environmental education.

David Estrin

A Partner in the Toronto-based Gowlings law firm, Mr. Estrin has over 30 years of experience in Environmental Law. He has advised government agencies, corporations and financial institutions, Aboriginal people and ratepayers, as well as law firms in Canada and the U.S. During his career he has assisted in policy development and drafting of key environmental legislation, including the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act and the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights. Mr. Estrin has extensive experience working with various governments and their agencies.

Rod Northey

Mr. Northey is a partner in Birchall Northey, an environmental law firm that provides litigation, legal and public policy advice to clients across Canada. Mr. Northey practices environmental law and has extensive experience specifically in environmental assessment law. He is also past president of the Canadian Environmental Defence Fund (now, Environmental Defence Canada).

Richard Lindgren

Mr. Lindgren has been with CELA since 1986. Mr. Lindgren’s casework at CELA involves a wide variety of environmental issues, such as air pollution, property contamination, forestry, wetlands and wildlife habitat. He has written extensively on environmental law and policy. He has been a member of the Attorney General’s Advisory Committee on Class Action Reform; the Environment Minister’s Task Force on the Environmental Bill of Rights; and the Environmental Assessment Board’s Advisory Committee.

Alan Levy

Alan D. Levy graduated from the Faculty of Law in 1970 and began practice in 1972 in Toronto, primarily in the area of civil and family litigation. He was among the founding members at the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CLEA) in 1970. He is currently the Chair of its Board of Directors and Director of its Environmental Assessment Project. During the period 1990-1998 he served as a Vice-Chair of the Ontario Environmental Assessment Board and member of the Environmental Appeal Board (now combined and called the Environmental Review Tribunal), and Hearing Officer in the Niagara Escarpment Hearing Office. Since 1998 he has resumed private practice with a focus on dispute resolution (mediation, negotiation and arbitration) and environmental law. He is currently Chair of the Environmental Section of the ADR Institute of Ontario.


Howard M. Goldby

Mr. Goldby is the Vice-President, Environmental Health and Safety with BFI Canada Inc. A registered Professional Engineer, Mr. Goldby graduated as a Civil Engineer in 1972 from the University of Salford, England. He has held positions in the construction industry, consulting and the oil industry, and since 1987 with three major waste management companies: Waste Management Inc., BFI Waste Systems Ltd. and BFI Canada Inc.

Nigel Guilford

Mr. Guilford is President and Director of the Ontario Waste Management Association. The Ontario Waste Management Association, founded in 1977, speaks for nearly 300 independent companies in the private sector who provide the products and services in the waste management sector.

David Kaufman

Mr. Kaufman is the General Manager of Transportation Services with the Works and Emergency Services Department for the City of Toronto. Transportation Services is responsible for road right-of-way regulation and road repair and maintenance, which can result in road restrictions. The division also handles traffic operations, enforcement, cleaning/removing activities as well as Toronto’s Road Classification System.

Paul Norris

Mr. Norris is President of the Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA). The OWA was established to provide a collective voice for waterpower interests in the province. Together, the OWA’s founding members represent more than 95% of the waterpower generating capacity in Ontario: Ontario Power Generation, Great Lakes Power, Algonquin Power, Beaver Power, Regional Power, Seine River Power, Orillia Power, Abitibi Consolidated, and Inco.

Janine Ralph

Ms. Ralph is currently the Manager of Waste Policy & Planning at the Regional Municipality of Niagara’s Waste Management Services Division. She has been involved in the waste management field at the municipal level for over 12 years. During this time she has been responsible for the development and implementation of a wide range of waste management programs, approvals processes and environmental policies and practices. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Queen’s University in Kingston.

John Sutherns

Mr. Sutherns is the CEO of McCormack Rankin Corporation. Both Mr. Sutherns and McCormack Rankin have significant experience in transportation environmental assessments, transportation planning and class environmental assessments. Since its formation in 1957, McCormick Rankin Corporation has maintained a focus on transportation engineering and been involved in over 5,000 transportation projects over four decades.

Usman Valiante

Mr. Valiante is an environmental consultant who has undertaken work for a number of waste management companies in Ontario. He has extensive background in the field of waste diversion and recycling, including involvement with Waste Diversion Ontario. Mr. Valiante has previously been involved with both the Brewers of Ontario and the Brewers Association of Canada.

Adam White

Adam White is Vice President, Public Relations and External Affairs, for the Ontario Energy Association, a not-for-profit organization that represents the energy industry in Ontario. The position provides issues management, policy and regulatory advocacy to promote the interests of members. Previously, Mr. White was Account Executive, Mirant Canada Energy Marketing, in Ontario and Eastern Canada, responsible for building a wholesale marketing and origination business in Canada’s largest open electricity market. He has also held positions with TransAlta Energy Corporation and the Ontario public service.

Representatives from the following organizations are to be named: Municipal Engineers Association, Ontario Good Roads Association and GO Transit.

Contact Arthur Chamberlain, Minister’s Office at 416-314-5139

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