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Sixth annual pumpkin growing contest

With the 6th Annual Great Pumpkin Growing Contest

With the 6th Annual Great Pumpkin Growing Contest
it’s time to grow giant pumpkins!

As a participant in this year’s contest, you will join an enthusiastic and growing crowd of composters whose objective is to Grow ’em Big with Compost! The heaviest pumpkin at the time of weigh-in will be this year’s national champion of the pumpkin patch!

As the winner, you will receive bragging rights as well as $500 to donate to a horticultural initiative in your area. You will also receive a complementary registration to The Composting Council of Canada’s National Conference in 2008.

In addition to these rules and regulations, your sign-up kit provides you with an excellent source of websites to learn about the fine art of pumpkin growing. And, most importantly, a package of World Champion Howard Dill’s Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds.

The rules of our contest are as follow:

Use only compost to prepare your soil (no chemical fertilizers/supplements allowed).

No force feeding of nutrients through the vines.

The pumpkin must be grown outdoors. (Seeds can be germinated inside and transplanted outside in the early spring.)

Send a quick update to The Council at the beginning of each month for inclusion on our website. Photos of your garden and growing success are very much welcome.

Weigh-in is scheduled for Friday, September 28th, 2007. Each participant must phone in their results to The Council’s office (1-877-571-GROW) followed by a fax report and photo, signed by a local municipal official or horticultural group for verification.

In accordance with worldwide rules, at the time of weigh-in, a specimen must be healthy and completely undamaged. Vine must be trimmed to one inch (2.5 cm) from the stem (stalk) of the fruit. Foreign material may not be included in the weighing. To enforce, the judges may x-ray the specimen. No carrying device may be included in the weighing.

Specimens of equal weight will be declared co-winners. Weights will be recorded in quarter (1/4) kilogram increments (round down to next lowest quarter kg.).


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