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RCO conference featuring speaker Michael Moore attracts big crowd

More than three hundred delegates are registered to attend the Recycling Council of Ontario's 24th Annual Conferenc...

More than three hundred delegates are registered to attend the Recycling Council of Ontario’s 24th Annual Conference, this year marketed with an amusing movie theme “Lord of the Rings.” The event has also attracted the interest of the media because of feature speaker Michael Moore, the Academy Award-winning director of such films as “Roger and Me” and “Bowling for Columbine.”

The event is being held at the Hilton Suites hotel and conference centre in Markham, and features the 3rd Annual “Happy Gilmore” Golf Tournament that takes place today (Tuesday, May 4) followed by dinner. Please find below the complete “Program at a glance.”

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Tuesday, May 4

8:00 11:30 am Region of Peel "Tour of Duty" Group 1 (Max. 40 people)
Brampton Community Recycling Centre (CRC)
Peel is developing a network of CRCs to provide greater service level to its residents. On this tour, you will see the components of the centre: the HHW drop off area; the drop off platform; the Goodwill Reuse store; the Goodwill workforce development office; the education centre; the demonstration and teaching garden.

Algonquin Power, EFW Facility
This facility, open since 1992, incinerates 174,000 tonnes a year of non-hazardous solid waste for the purpose of producing and selling electricity. On the tour, you will see the various sections of this facility: the tipping floor; the two-stage incinerator; the Air Pollution Control system. (Transportation provided to/from the Hilton Suites).
(Transportation provided to/from the Hilton Suites)

12:00 5:00 pm RCO "Happy Gilmore" Golf Tournament at Angus Glen
Whether you’re an avid golfer or a beginner, you won’t want to miss playing a round at this award winning course. Lots of fun and prizes to be had, so come on out! Lunch is included. *Please be at the golf course by 12:00 pm.
(Transportation provided to/from the Hilton Suites)

12:30 5:00 pm Optional Town of Markham Tour
DON’T WANT TO GOLF? We have a fabulous alternative. Enjoy sightseeing, shopping, antiquing, dining, relaxing and strolling in Markham. We have planned a tour of the Markham Museum and the Varley Art Gallery. Old Unionville Main Street is also part of this tour. This famous street is composed of many historic buildings, a variety of restaurants (indoor or outdoor), shopping opportunities, not to mention just a stroll or a sit down to watch and enjoy life. There is no charge for the tour, but numbers are limited, so be sure to sign up right away. Maximum 40 people.
(Transportation provided to/from the Hilton Suites)

6:00 pm "Cocktail" Reception at Angus Glen
Weir wannabes or Happy Gilmores, come mix and mingle with your colleagues and help tee-off the conference at this evening social!

7:00 pm "Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?" at Angus Glen
We’ve got a special guest coming to dinner… renowned radio DJ, John Derringer from the mighty Q107! Food, fun and fantastic discussions. Enjoy this opening “Delegate Dinner” to help us “set” this “feature” Conference into “action!”

Wednesday, May 5
7:00 8:00 am Conference registration

7:00 8:00 am "Breakfast at Tiffany’s"

8:00 am Main Plenary

8:00 8:05 am RCO Welcome and Opening Remarks: Michael Peterson, RCO Chair

8:05 8:10 am Conference Welcome: Joe Hruska, RCO Director & Claudia Marsales, RCO Director

8:10 – 8:15 am Markham Welcome: Mayor Don Cousens

8:15 9:00 am Honourable Leona Dombrowsky, Minister of the Environment
We have our marching papers!!! Hear from the Minister as she leads us in a discussion regarding Ontario’s new provincial goal of reaching 60% waste diversion. What defines 60% diversion? What should we focus on? How much will it cost? Who pays?

9:30 11:30 am Feature Keynote Presentation by Academy Award Winner Michael Moore
Author, filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Roger and Me) has developed a trademark style of tackling major issues with a sharp sense of humor while maintaining a regular-guy attitude, an approach that has helped him secure a reputation as both a razor-sharp humorist and one of America’s most fearless political commentators.

11:30 am 12:30 pm Lunch

12:45 pm Main Plenary

12:45 pm 2:15 pm "Trading Places" Ontario – Michigan Import/Export Panel Discussion
The US accounts for roughly 93% of Ontario’s exports and the State of Michigan is Ontario’s number one market with two-way trade exceeding Cdn. $97 billion in 2002. Hundreds of garbage trucks carrying Ontario’s wastes across the border has caused an enormous debate. Top politicians and policy makers bring all sides to this discussion.
Moderator: Steve Paikin, Studio 2
Featuring: Mayor David Miller (Invited)
Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan (Invited)

2:15 3:45 pm "Some Like it Hot" Is there a role for Advanced Thermal Technologies in Waste Diversion?
Some call it diversion, some don’t. Should provinces and municipalities consider these technologies in their future plans, and are they a legitimate diversion option? This is a “hot” session that will build on recent developments in advanced thermal technologies and their environmental performance in municipal waste management system strategies being considered by municipal planners.

4:00 5:30 pm Concurrent Sessions
"Local Hero" The Role of Municipalities in the "New" Environmental Picture
Although global environmental challenges are being discussed at the international level, it is municipalities that are implementing solutions at the local level. This session will focus on success stories from municipalities that are leading the new environmental agenda, and will explore the roles, responsibilities and objectives of environmental managers.

"Fried Green Tomatoes" Organics Stewardship Programs
Anticipated as one of the most important designations under the WDA, discussions surrounding the development of a province-wide organics diversion program have become highly controversial. This “roles and responsibility” debate will lead attendees to consider the financial and environmental implications of organics diversion. How do we identify stewards? Is curbside collection the most efficient and effective collection method? What are suitable processes and end products?

"Artificial Intelligence" Electronics Diversion
Following the release of a dramatic “exporting harm” video in 2002, the subject of electronic waste diversion is top of mind for most. E-Waste Diversion may very well be our first national voluntary stewardship program in Canada. Find out more about the mature programs already working in Europe. What are the roles for government in the approach to adopt a national program? What is the industry agreeing to? What are the appropriate processes and end markets?

5:30 6:30 pm "Cocktail" Reception

6:30 9:30 pm Delegate Dinner

Thursday, May 6
8:00 9:15 am "The Colour of Money" Markets Breakfast (sign up)
Waste diversion programs are only as good as the markets that support them. With the designation of new materials and lofty goals to capture more packaging materials, the pressure on markets will be substantial. What will these markets bear? How are other jurisdictions affecting world markets? Will new diversion programs “force” new markets and at what costs? Hear representatives from each market sector present the “state of affairs” and their attempts to predict the future.

8:00 9:15 am "The Breakfast Club"

9:30 am Main Plenary

9:30 11:45 am "The Negotiator" The Development of EPR and Stewardship Progr
ams in Canada
As Canada catches up to other jurisdictions, waste diversion programs are now beginning to focus on Stewardship and Extended PRODUCER Responsibility. These programs
have ensued great debate on a number of levels beginning with the definition of EPR, roles of industries, governments and the consumer. This session will examine the most debated areas of Stewardship program designs such as enforcement, visible fees, compliance and true environmental impacts.

11:45 am 12:30 pm Lunch "Canadian State of Affairs"
Hear from our friends at the Feds as they bring us news and stats on the “State of Affairs” in waste management in Canada. This luncheon will include presentations on our commitment to Kyoto and how diversion may contribute to the overall target. Diversion percentages; How is Canada comparing to other jurisdictions around the world? The recycling industry; Where is it viable? What challenges need to be addressed? What can we expect with the creation of new diversion programs?

12:25 12:30 pm Conference closing remarks, Michael Peterson

12:45 2:30 pm "Money Talks" E&E Funds Workshop – By Stewardship Ontario (sign up)
10% of the monies contributed by Stewards annually into the Blue Box Program Plan will be allocated toward the Efficiency and Effectiveness Fund. This fund, solely dedicated to municipalities, will provide municipalities monies to improve their blue box programs. How much money is available? How to apply? What expenses are eligible?


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