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Pizza Pizza joins cell phone recycling campaign

Call it Pizza Pizza's version of free trade -- a free pizza slice of your choice in exchange for your old cell phon...

Call it Pizza Pizza’s version of free trade — a free pizza slice of your choice in exchange for your old cell phone that’s no longer in use. It’s all part of Pizza Pizza’s initiatives in conjunction with cleanup and recycling efforts conducted in scores of communities during the month of April, culminating in Earth Day activities such as the City of Toronto’s 20-Minute Makeover.

This year, in addition to partnering with the 20-Minute Makeover program, Pizza Pizza is supporting PITCH-IN CANADA’s National Cell Phone Recycling Program. The pizza-for-used cell-phone program began in Pizza Pizza’s restaurants across Ontario on April 1 and continues through the month of April.

"We’re hoping that we will get between 10 and 15 used cell phones at each of our locations, and we can then turn these cell phones over to PITCH-IN-CANADA, which repairs and refurbishes them so that they can be of use to people in emerging countries that are in need of means of communication," said Pat Finelli, Vice-President of Marketing at Pizza Pizza.

The recycled phones are also provided, at no cost, to Canadians in situations where there is an economic necessity for both safety and communications. Phones and batteries that cannot be re-used can be recycled to recover metals and plastics. All cell phones, regardless of age or condition, will be accepted, however recyclers are urged to ensure the phones are deactivated before dropping them off at Pizza Pizza.

Environment Canada estimates more than 158,000 tonnes of broken or outdated computers, cell-phones, televisions, stereos and small home appliances accumulate in Canadian landfills each year.

"The PITCH-IN-CANADA cell-phone recycling program provides people with the opportunity to find some environment-friendly use for their old cell-phones, rather than simply relegating them to the landfill and contributing to a growing problem," remarked Mr. Finelli. "Pizza Pizza is pleased to partner with PITCH-IN-CANADA in its cell-phone recycling program, and we are equally enthused about our renewed involvement in the 20-Minute Makeover. Both of these initiatives tie into our corporate philosophy in relation to the environment."

Pizza Pizza invites all Torontonians to stop what they are doing on Friday, April 22, and head outside at 2:00 p.m. for a 20-minute clean-up blitz around their office, school or neighbourhood. People who plan to participate in the 20-Minute Makeover are invited to stop by participating Pizza Pizza locations and pick up specially produced lime-green plastic garbage bags and gloves to help with their Makeover projects.

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