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Paper industry supports blue box changes

In its submission on proposed 2007 Blue Box Fee Changes (March 1, 2006), the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environ...

In its submission on proposed 2007 Blue Box Fee Changes (March 1, 2006), the Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC) says it endorses the “major thrust” of the proposed fee changes.

As the PPEC submission states, “Paper materials represent 75 per cent of what’s in the Blue Box; provide 64 per cent of its revenue to Ontario municipalities; have already surpassed the 60 per cent diversion target; and by the end of 2006 will have been paying an unfair portion of industry costs for three years.”

The council says it’s still analyzing in detail some of the implications of the proposed changes and will make a later submission if required.

Among it’s many points, the PPEC submission states that the proposed changes will improve the financial signals to encourage greater diversion (3Rs) and strengthen the “nexus” test through the partial disaggregation of material fees. PPEC says the proposed changes more closely mirror the “three key elements” that Stewardship Ontario outlined in the Blue Box Plan (Section 9.10): fairness, effectiveness and sustainability.

The group supports the proposed weightings for the 2007 formula (20 per cent recovery, 40 per cent net cost, 40 per cent equalization, and a target for the equalization factor of 60 per cent diversion). Alluding to competition between different material stewards, PPEC advocates that “attempts by commercial interests to fight or stall these necessary and fair amendments must be strongly resisted.”

PPEC is not satisfied with what every material steward will have to pay. For instance, the group wonders why telephone books have a fee of only $11.90 a tonne compared to the paper packaging fee of $76.73 a tonne. Nor does it understand why glass is charged only $34.10 a tonne when it costs $60 plus to process it through a single stream operation and a further $45 a tonne to have it taken away. PPEC also complains about other stewards (e.g., the plastics industry) reluctance to verify claims in relation to an incetive for green procurement.

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For further information, contact:

Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council (PPEC)

Address: 701 Evans Avenue, Suite 400, Etobicoke, Ontario Canada M9C 1A3

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