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ORMI to send more organics to AD system

Organic Resource Management Inc. (ORMI), a Canadian provider of vacuum truck services for the collection, treatment...

Organic Resource Management Inc. (ORMI), a Canadian provider of vacuum truck services for the collection, treatment and disposal of organic and other non-hazardous liquid waste, has announced that its anaerobic digester partner will expand its facilities.

The Klaesi Anaerobic Digester (AD) has provided notice that it intends to expand its facilities to accept a minimum of 4,500 tonnes of ORMI’s organic residuals – an increase of 3,800 tonnes from the original minimum commitment.

The expanded AD is slated to commence operations in October 2008 and reach its new maximum capacity within 90 days of coming onstream. Once fully functional, the AD is expected to generate about 500 kW, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – enough energy to supply roughly 1,100 households. ORMI residuals are expected to generate in excess of 75 oer cent of the energy produced.

The supply contract with the Klaesi AD provides ORMI with lower recycling costs than it currently pays to deliver residuals to out-of-province recyclers. Transportation costs are also lower as a result of the AD’s proximity to ORMI’s service markets. ORMI expects the Klaesi AD expansion to result in significant reduction to its overall residuals recycling costs while helping to generate energy from a renewable resource.

“We are very happy to see that our efforts and patience to find more environmentally-friendly and less costly recycling sources are beginning to pay off,” said Charles Buehler, ORMI CEO and Chairman.

ORMI has a two-stage, 20-year exclusive contract to supply its organic feedstock to the Klaesi AD. Under the first stage of the contract, ORMI began delivering a minimum of 700 tonnes per year of its organic feedstock in July 2007. The second stage of the contract provided Klaesi time to evaluate ORMI’s feedstock and an option to significantly expand the AD with the addition of a new 500 kW genset and an upgrade to the interconnection with Hydro One.

Also as previously announced, ORMI’s residuals have consistently generated in excess of 10 times more biogas per volume than the manure feedstock at the Klaesi AD. ORMI sees this expansion as confirmation of the technical and financial viability of using ORMI’s organic residuals as a feedstock in ADs for creating biogas renewable energy.

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