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Ontario will examine Orillia Landfill C of A

Ontario's Ministry of the Environment will conduct a review of the City of Orillia's operations at the Kitchener St...

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment will conduct a review of the City of Orillia’s operations at the Kitchener Street Landfill, Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky has announced.

"The ministry review is part of an ongoing commitment to ensure that Orillia and other communities along Lake Simcoe remain clean, safe and livable," said Dombrowsky.

The ministry will conduct the review in response to an Environmental Bill of Rights request to review the Landfill Certificate of Approval. Based on recent ministry inspections and monitoring, Orillia’s landfill continues to meet all provincial standards and shows no offsite adverse effects. However, the ministry has decided to conduct a review to ensure that the local environment remains protected.

The details of this review will be made available once the ministry has completed its review in April 2005. The ministry would require the city to address any deficiencies identified in the review. Prior to receiving the Environmental Bill of Rights request, the ministry had been examining the increasing contaminant trends in surface and ground water at the landfill and will continue to do so throughout the review.

For further information, contact Art Chamberlain, Minister’s Office, 416-314-5139 or John Steele, Communications Branch, 416-314-6666.

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