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Ontario blue box funding update

Stewardship Ontario will be forwarding cheques totaling $12.8 million at the end of December to municipalities to s...

Stewardship Ontario will be forwarding cheques totaling $12.8 million at the end of December to municipalities to share the cost of implementing and operating Ontario’s municipal Blue Box recycling system.

“The December payment is the third this year. The fourth and final $12.8 million payment for the 2005 program year will be sent to municipalities at the end of March, 2006, bringing the total payment for 2005 to $51 million, and the grand total since the funding program started three years ago to $81 million,” announced Damian Bassett, CEO of Stewardship Ontario.

Obligated companies, called “stewards,” are those which introduce packaging and printed materials into the Ontario market that are managed through the municipal waste management system. These companies are required under the Waste Diversion Act, 2002 to report the amount of packaging and printed paper they put into the Ontario residential marketplace and to pay fees set by Stewardship Ontario.

“In 2005, more than 1,800 companies were identified as stewards,” Bassett added. “Each year the number of stewards grows as additional obligated companies are identified.”

Stewardship Ontario is the industry funding organization that collects the fees from obligated companies and distributes the funds to municipalities.

“The success that Stewardship Ontario has had in meeting its financial obligations to municipalities clearly demonstrates that the Blue Box Program Plan, the first program plan approved by Waste Diversion Ontario, is working,” said Glenda Gies, Executive Director of Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO).

The calculation of the funding allocated to each municipality is undertaken by WDO, based on information municipalities provide through an annual waste management datacall. Funding is based on:

1) quantity of each type of packaging and printed material marketed by each municipality

2) population density of each municipality, and

3) size of operation of each program.

The funding allocated to each municipality is published on the WDO website at

In addition to the direct cash payments, a further $5.7 million is available to municipalities this year (for a total of $9 million over the first two years) through the Effectiveness and Efficiency (E&E) Fund. Each year, 10 per cent of the stewards’ fees are placed in the E&E Fund to provide competitive grants to municipalities to increase the effectiveness and minimize the cost of municipal recycling programs. So far, a total of 34 projects valued at $5.1 million in support have been awarded. Information about the E&E Fund is available at

A list of quarterly amounts paid to each municipality is also available.

For background on Waste Diversion Ontario, visit and for Stewardship Ontario, visit


Barbara McConnell
Stewardship Ontario
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Glenda Gies
Executive Director
Waste Diversion Ontario

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