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One thousand days to 60 per cent

According to The Composting Council of Canada (CCC), as of Friday April 7, 2006, there will be 1000 days remaining ...

According to The Composting Council of Canada (CCC), as of Friday April 7, 2006, there will be 1000 days remaining for the Ontario objective of 60 per cent diversion to be achieved.

“We believe that this is a good day to ‘get out the vote’ (so to speak), saus Executive Director Susan Antler, “and for our Ontario members to meet or contact their local member of provincial parliament.” Fridays, she notes, are usually the day when the M.P.P. is back at his/her constituency office, so direct meetings could possibly be arranged.

The CCC advocates that people can use this opportunity to:

— introduce/reinforce your presence in the community and your abilities to help reach Ontario’s diversion goal;

— discuss what is needed to ensure that the Ontario goal is achieved.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, the CCC would be pleased to help you. In addition to leave-behinds that you will have for your organization, the CCC can provide promotional support materials and copies of articles, etc. They only need to chat with you first. The CCC can also try to set up specific appointments with your M.P.P.

The CCC has announced that it will develop key message points based on the input that it has received from Ontario members re: existing roadblocks that need to be removed to make composting in Ontario more attainable.

These include:

— updating the 1991 Interim Guidelines; adopting the nationally-approved CCME Guidelines for Compost Quality (2005);

— Coordinating/providing funding support for infrastructure development;

— Streamlining the approvals process and ensuring alignment of policy, approvals and enforcement;

— Ensuring a level playing field;

— Improving public acceptance of composting through education;

— Creating the requirement that compost be used in provincial and municipal tendering/public works;

— Implementing education and promotion programs on the product and its benefits.

For further information or assistance, contact Susan Antler or Danielle Buklis at (416) 535-0240 or 1-877-571-GROW(4769) or or visit

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