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ON municipalities to receive $9.1- million for blue box costs

A third installment of cheques is on its way to Ontario municipalities to help pay for blue box recycling.

A third installment of cheques is on its way to Ontario municipalities to help pay for blue box recycling.

Damian Bassett, CEO of Stewardship Ontario announced on December 29, 2004 that municipalities will receive $9.1- million from industry as part of the Blue Box Program Plan.

The program obligates brand owners and first importers who use packaging or printed papers – which are ultimately handled through municipal residential waste management programs – to contribute to a fund equal to 50% per cent of the net cost of municipal residential blue box recycling programs. Stewardship Ontario is authorized under the Waste Diversion Act to collect fees from industry and distribute the funds to municipalities.

More than 1,600 companies have already registered with the program as stewards according to the requirements of the Waste Diversion Act. These companies represent about 91 per cent of the total fees that Stewardship Ontario needs to raise to pay industry’s share of the blue box system costs. Companies designated as stewards for blue box wastes can discharge their legal obligations under the Act through membership to Stewardship Ontario and by paying the applicable fees.

“Even though the industry blue box funding program is only 11 months old, so far, Stewardship Ontario has sent 189 municipal recycling programs $20.3 million in industry funding,” Mr. Bassett said. A fourth installment, also totaling $9.1-million, is scheduled for distribution in late March. The cheques will continue quarterly after that.

The amount each municipal program receives is determined by calculations made by Waste Diversion Ontario according to a formula based on the efficiency of their blue box recycling program, the range of materials collected and the tonnage diverted from disposal.

A copy of the Blue Box Program Plan can be found at: _Appendices.pdf

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