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Omega Organics signs licensing agreement in China

Omega Organics Inc. of Kitchener, Ontario has announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with The Bea...

Omega Organics Inc. of Kitchener, Ontario has announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with The Beard Company of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the construction and use of Omega’s rotary drum digesters in China.<br>
China generates a tremendous amount of agricultural waste that can cause disease and water quality problems. Dependence on chemical fertilizers has also hardened the soil, allowed erosion, reduced organic content and reduced soil moisture-retention properties. Through one of its subsidiaries, The Beard Company has entered into an agreement with a province in the Peoples Republic of China to accept and convert 1000 metric tonnes of chicken waste daily into a proprietary blend of organic humus (compost) and chemical fertilizer. The resulting product will then be sold back to the agricultural industry to provide a safer, more effective soil amendment than the current practice of spreading raw manure.<br>
Hebei Province is home to approximately 66 million people and on three sides envelopes Beijing, to which it’s a major food supplier. The first phase of this project will require approximately 48 of the model 1272 Omega Organics rotary drum digesters. A further 78 machines will be required for the second phase of the project.<br>
Beard evaluated a number of technologies before deciding on the Omega technology. The rotary drums will achieve a pathogen kill, weed-seed kill and 95 per cent odour reduction in a 72-hour time frame, with significantly less time required for maturing than other traditional methods currently in use by the industry. The drums will be built in China, under license by Beard for exclusive use in that country.<br>
Omega Organics is a Kitchener, Ontario-based provider of equipment and technology to the composting industry. Omega also operates conversion facilities, with ongoing operations in Oklahoma and new sites being commissioned in Canada.<br>
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