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O-I Canada disputes Ontario glass facts

O-I Canada, a division of Owens-Illinois, has responded to Stewardship Ontario's recent fact sheet and letter to On...

O-I Canada, a division of Owens-Illinois, has responded to Stewardship Ontario’s recent fact sheet and letter to Ontario municipalities about glass recycling rates in the province.

“Key Facts on Glass Recycling in Ontario” (“Key Facts”) was published by Stewardship Ontario on February 27, 2006. The document was itself a response to a letter sent by O-I Canada on January 31 to the “Blue Box Funding Review Committee.”

In the new letter, O-I Canada states that “[w]hile ‘Key Facts’ acknowledges that actual glass recycling rates in Ontario are low, it also makes additional assertions which are either factually incorrect or construes facts in such a way as to be misleading. Glass recovery and recycling is not the same thing -Stewardship Ontario acknowledges that glass recycling rates in Ontario are exceedingly low.

“Specifically, Key Facts acknowledges that of the 198,000 tonnes of glass bottles and jars introduced into the Ontario marketplace in 2004 only 27,100 tonnes was recycled ‘bottle-to-bottle’. Though not reported by Stewardship Ontario, we have been able to determine that in 2004 approximately 32,660 tonnes of curbside collected glass was used in fiberglass manufacture. These tonnages yield a bottle-to-bottle recycling rate of 13.7% and an abysmally low combined recycling rate of 30%.

“Nowhere does ‘Key Facts’ refute the fact that the remaining 70% of glass remains un-recovered, is recovered and is subsequently sent to landfill as residue or is “down-cycled” as aggregate replacement, landfill cover or other low-end uses.

“To be clear, recovering glass and actually recycling it once it is recovered are two entirely different things – 70% of the glass available in Ontario is not recycled.

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