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Niagara/Hamilton waste disposal study approved

The Terms of Reference for the ground-breaking Niagara-Hamilton WastePlan Environmental Assessment Study were appro...

The Terms of Reference for the ground-breaking Niagara-Hamilton WastePlan Environmental Assessment Study were approved on February 7, 2005. The approved Terms of Reference will guide the WastePlan Environmental Assessment Study, a joint initiative by Niagara Region and the City of Hamilton, aimed at identifying a disposal system for the long-term management of post-diversion wastes generated in the two municipalities.

Both Niagara and Hamilton face a growing global concern: limited landfill space. Both have committed to an aggressive 65 per cent waste diversion target and are now working together on a joint planning study to find a way to manage the waste remaining after source-separated diversion programs (reduction, reuse, recycling and composting). The Niagara-Hamilton WastePlan study will consider a range of alternatives reasonably available to manage these residual wastes including: physical, mechanical, biological, and thermal technologies; additional landfill capacity; and, additional diversion from the disposal stream.

The WastePlan study is a planning process under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act, that will evaluate alternative approaches, technologies, and locations for the management of both municipalities’ residual wastes in a manner that protects the public interest and that provides for the protection, conservation and wise management of our environment.

"This study is unique in that it involves two jurisdictions working together to harness the resources of both communities to address our common waste management needs," said Niagara Region Chair Peter Partington.

"We must address the social, economic, and environmental concerns of residents through an environmental assessment process. The involvement of Niagara and Hamilton residents is essential to the successful completion of the WastePlan Environmental Assessment Study," said Hamilton Mayor Larry DiIanni.

In accordance with the approved Terms of Reference, the study will be launched in early April with public workshops to develop an evaluation methodology and criteria for selection of a preferred waste management system for the residual waste.

The Niagara-Hamilton WastePlan is a joint initiative of Niagara Region and the City of Hamilton to work together to find a way to manage solid waste remaining after source separated diversion programs from the two communities. See for additional information on this initiative.

For further information in Niagara contact Janine Ralph at 905-685-1571 or in Hamilton contact Pat Parker at 905-546-2489.

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