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New safety regs for Ontario propane industry

The government of Ontario has implemented nearly all of an independent panel's recommendations to improve propane s...

The government of Ontario has implemented nearly all of an independent panel’s recommendations to improve propane safety.

Minister of Small Business and Consumer Services Harinder Takhar said 30 of the panel’s 40 recommendations are now in place and the government is working to quickly adopt the remaining changes.

The panel put forth the Propane Safety Review Report after an August 10, 2008 explosion at Sunrise Propane’s facility in Toronto, Ontario killed one worker and one firefighter, and forced the evacuation of hundreds of nearby residents many of whose homes were impacted.

The Ontario government has made regulatory amendments to the Propane Storage and Handling Regulation (O. Reg. 211/01) and Fuel Industry Certificates Regulation (O. Reg. 215/01), both under the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000.

The changes include additional licensing requirements for propane facilities and stricter limits on the storage and inventory of propane. Facilities must make their emergency preparedness plans available to the public and the province must conduct inspections of these facilities at least once a year.

The government is working with industry, cities, safety agencies, and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, an independent organization that regulates industries involving public safety on behalf of the government of Ontario.

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