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New Ontario standards match rest of Canada

The Ontario government is making it easier for communities to compost organic waste by matching Ontario's compostin...

The Ontario government is making it easier for communities to compost organic waste by matching Ontario’s composting standards with the rest of Canada, Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky announced November 4.

“Organic waste is a resource, not garbage,” said Dombrowsky. “If we are to achieve Ontario’s goal of stopping 60 per cent of our waste from going to landfill, we must make it easier for communities to set up composting programs.”

Many communities in Ontario found the existing standards hard to meet, resulting in organics that could be composted being sent to landfills. The new composting standards, which allow additional materials to be composted and create more end uses for compost, match those established by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME).

“Updating the guidelines to the Canadian standard opens up greater opportunities for composting in Ontario,” says Susan Antler, executive director of the Composting Council of Canada. “There will be a greater number of markets available now for the compost produced which will provide even further momentum for composting’s expansion in the province.”

Today’s announcement is part of the province’s waste management strategy, which focuses on waste diversion and improving the way Ontario manages its waste.

“We are pleased by the minister’s announcement that Ontario has decided to adopt the CCME guideline for compost quality,” said Angelos Bacopoulos, general manager of solid waste management services for the City of Toronto. “The government is responding to the needs of municipalities like Toronto that are implementing aggressive organics diversion programs. We need to know that we can convert our organic materials into compost that is safe and of high quality, and can be successfully marketed for beneficial uses.”

“The alignment of Ontario’s composting standards with those of the other provinces will remove a major barrier to municipal composting programs while ensuring that the environment and public health are protected,” Dombrowsky said.

The standards can be viewed at:

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