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New funding for municipal waste projects

The Green Municipal Fund (GMF) has a municipal solid waste funding opportunity to offer municipal governments and t...

The Green Municipal Fund (GMF) has a municipal solid waste funding opportunity to offer municipal governments and their partners.

The Government of Canada has endowed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) with $550 million to establish the GMF to provide a long-term, sustainable source of low interest loans and grants for municipal governments and their partners. Annual funding caps have been set limiting the number of projects that will be supported each year.

GMF has launched a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process to determine which implementation projects best meet program goals and requirements. There will be at least one RFP each year in the following categories: Energy, Waste, Water, Sustainable Transportation, and Brownfield Remediation.

Through the Municipal Solid Waste RFP process, GMF will award funds totaling approximately $10 million in low-interest loans and $2.5 million in grants. Because there is a limited amount of funding set aside for this RFP, not all applicants will necessarily be successful.

The Municipal Solid Waste RFP has been designed to encourage waste diversion from landfill sites. Funding for projects will be partly determined by how much waste the project will divert from landfills. Municipal governments and their partners are eligible to apply. For GMF eligibility, “partners” means privately-owned companies that have competed for and entered into long-term waste management contracts with municipalities.

The Municipal Solid Waste RFP will open April 5, 2006. The Intent to Apply form, along with details of the RFP requirements and process, will be available on-line at FCM’s Centre for Sustainable Community Development website at or by contacting the Application Coordinator named below.

The deadline for submission of the Intent to Apply for this RFP is April 26, 2006. Applicants will be notified if their Intent to Apply is accepted and asked to submit a detailed proposal that will be reviewed by a team of independent, third-party experts. Funding will be awarded primarily on the basis of anticipated environmental benefit, in this case the forecast diversion of municipal solid waste from landfill and secondarily on the basis of social and economic benefits. The RFP closes June 7, 2006.

GMF will accept applications for grants for feasibility studies, field tests, and sustainable community plans in all categories on a continuous basis. Details on these grant funding opportunities are available on-line at

For questions on the GMF Municipal Solid Waste RFP, contact:

Monique Delinelle
Application Coordinator
Green Municipal Fund
24 Clarence Street, Ottawa, ON
K1N 5P3

Phone: 613-241-5221, ext. 357
Fax: 613-244-1515

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