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New EPR website launched for Earth Day

Product Policy Institute has launched a website connecting local communities across North America that have begun t...

Product Policy Institute has launched a website connecting local communities across North America that have begun to work for a new approach to recycling — an approach that is quietly revolutionizing the way waste is managed and products are designed. The website is

The new approach, known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) or Product Stewardship, is sweeping the globe. When established in law, Extended Producer Responsibility makes product manufacturers responsible for the life cycle impacts of their products, including providing take-back programs for recycling. This reduces community costs and risks from waste management and drives improved product and packaging design. EPR “framework” laws like those in Canada and other countries establish consistent EPR principles and procedures that are then applied to specific products, notably household hazardous products and packaging.

The new Product Policy Institute (PPI) website emphasizes the organization’s core work: organizing communities and their local governments to work for statewide EPR policies as an alternative to costly, ineffective end-of-pipe disposal programs provided at taxpayer expense.

“We welcome citizens and the local governments that serve them to our new website and hope visitors will be inspired by the great work and momentum that is building to address the root cause of our waste management problem,” said Bill Sheehan, PPI Executive Director. “When producers are responsible for their waste, we will begin to see the end of the Throw-Away Society.”

The PPI website offers a good introduction to EPR. Site highlights include:

  • Easy-to-access background information on EPR.
  • Information on Product Stewardship Councils that have been formed by local governments in different regions of North America, along with tips from local Councils and links to sites of interest.
  • The best and latest information on EPR Framework legislation in the US and Canada.
  • Latest news articles and releases on EPR.

The website is built with powerful content management software that allows numerous interactive features and opportunities for feedback. For more information about PPI, call Bill Sheehan at 706-613-0710, or go to


About the Product Policy Institute

The Product Policy Institute (PPI) is a non-partisan research, communication and educational organization promoting policies that advance sustainable production, consumption and good governance in North America. Founded in 2003, PPI assists the formation of local government product stewardship councils that work to shift product waste management from taxpayer funded to producer funded and managed systems to motivate brand owners to design more sustainable products and packaging. PPI helped launch the California, Vermont, New York and Texas Product Stewardship Councils and is currently working with local governments in other states. PPI is a 501c3 charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service tax code.

Address: P.O. Box 48433, Athens, GA 30604

Tel: 706-613-0710

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