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New composting technology in Quebec

Ferti-Val, a Quebec Eastern Townships' company specializing in waste management, has developed a new integrated com...

Ferti-Val, a Quebec Eastern Townships’ company specializing in waste management, has developed a new integrated composting system that it says involves breakthrough technology that promise new waste diversion opportunities for both municipalities and industries.

In light of the Government of Quebec’s objective to reduce by 60 per cent the amount of waste disposed of in sanitary landfill sites by 2008, composting is the a crucial avenue since organic material is a large portion of the waste stream and recycling on its own has inherent limitations.

One of the oldest and largest composting sites and compost producers in Quebec, Ferti-Val has developed the CIS 100 which enables a generator to process 100,000 metric tonnes of organic residuals annually.

In its research, the company focused its efforts to find a technically-efficient compost aeration solution. It paid special attention to the processing of wastes and developed an automated management process for the handling of organic inputs and sludge.

The company claims that the CIS 100 has the following advantages:

1) a biofiltration system to provide effective odor control of the composting process from start to finish;

2) a re-circulation system to allow ongoing treatment of leachate and to maintain a consistent moisture level in the compost and the biofilter.

In addition to reducing the negative side-effects of traditional composting methods, the CIS 100 promotes the optimal management of all phases of the process because the system is:

1) more rapid (cutting composting duration in half); and

2) more ecological (reducing the use of heavy motorized equipment that requires diesel fuel by 60 per cent, equipment which is replaced by green electric power).

Ferti-Val’s new technology will generate significant savings in terms of operation, while at the same time improving working conditions at the composting site. Currently installed at the company’s site in Bromptonville, the CIS 100 is operational and responding in line with the expectations of its developers.

Developed in partnership with the engineering firms of Hypershell Inc. and IME Experts-conseils Inc., the system involved an investment of over $1.5 million, to which Canada Economic Development, Investissement Qubec, Desjardins Venture Capital and the Corporate Financial Centre Desjardins (Estrie) have contributed.

The President, CEO and founder of Ferti-Val, Maurice Labb, is convinced that the CIS 100 will enable the company to become a leader in Quebec’s multi-material organic composting industry and to distinguish itself at the international level.

“As millions of tons of treated solid wastes would otherwise be sent to landfill sites, the CIS 100 represents cutting-edge technology which will definitely contribute to sustainable development in Quebec. The management and personnel of Ferti-Val are very proud to have developed it,” stated Mr. Labb.

Founded in 1993, Ferti-Val Inc. is a company in Bromptonville which specializes in the recycling and reclamation of organic and inorganic wastes having potential as fertilizers as finished products. The company operates a composting site, a dry waste sorting centre, and a multi-material sorting centre, which enable the management, treatment and reclamation of over a million tons of waste each year. From the waste treated, the company produces and markets a compost certified by the Bureau de normalisation du Qubec. In 2003, Ferti-Val marketed 40,000 cubic metres of earth from its compost.


Maurice Labb
President and Chief Executive Officer
Ferti-Val Inc.
819-566-5103 ext 112

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