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New carbon finance webinar series

These presentations will examine the future of the emerging U.S. climate markets. They will take place March 12 and...

These presentations will examine the future of the emerging U.S. climate markets. They will take place March 12 and March 25 in advance of the Carbon TradeEx America event in Washington DC this April. Registration is free, sign up today and reserve your virtual space to learn from these industry experts.


Thursday, March 12th 4:00 GMT  / 12:00 EST / 11:00 CST / 9:00 PST

Webinar 1: US Carbon Trading, Around the Corner?


With the continuing changes on the US policy front an update on the most recent developments with regard to the potential and possible design for carbon trading and for regulating greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act is an essential starting point. Numerous cap-and trade plans are expected in the US from Boxer, Lieberman and McCain in the Senate and Waxman, Markey, Dingell and Boucher in the House. Waxman will likely move quickest and push legislation through committee sometime during summer. Even assuming that legislation passes, a cap and trade system is not likely to go into effect before 2012 and in the interim, the Obama administration is looking into regulating emissions under the Clean Air Act.

This webinar will give our latest views on the possible implementation of carbon trading in the US and will look at common design elements across the different proposals. In addition, Ken Berlin from Skadden will give a different perspective on when and how cap-and-trade may pass and what the possibilities are for the Obama Administration to use the Clean Air Act.

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Wednesday, March 25th 4:00 GMT  / 12:00 EST / 11:00 CST / 9:00 PST

Webinar 2: Linking of Carbon Trading

With the possibility of carbon trading schemes in Australia, the US and Japan being added to the existing markets in Europe and the Kyoto Protocol, attention is turning to how they could be linked up. Although some linking already exists through the use of Clean Development Mechanism credits across markets, the concept could be significantly extended. How, when and where this happens will have profound effects on carbon prices.

This webinar will provide an important introduction to the potential for linking between national schemes and the possible effects on carbon prices in North America and elsewhere in the world. It will also look at the conditions under which linking can work and some of the practical constraints, as well as the “urban myths” sometimes associated with linking.

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Questions during the webinar are encouraged. Some will be answered on the spot and the remaining questions will be taken to the conference itself. The conference organizers will endeavor to answer as many of these during the relevant conference sessions.


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Carbon TradeEx America

April 6- 7, 2009

Walter E Washington Convention Center

Washington D.C.

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