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New amendments to Ontario pre-treatment rules

Ontario's recent Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) regulations (O. Reg. 461/05) are amendments to the General Waste ...

Ontario’s recent Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) regulations (O. Reg. 461/05) are amendments to the General Waste Management regulation (347). The revised regulation has been prepared with the changes highlighted and is available for viewing or download at the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) website,

The LDR regulation prohibits the land disposal of untreated hazardous wastes and requires the wastes to meet specific treatment standards. These treatment standards significantly reduce the harmful components in the waste, or minimize the ability of the hazardous components from entering the environment once they have been disposed. The regulation contains the same pre-treatment standards that already exist in the U.S., Ontario’s largest hazardous waste trading partner.

The land disposal restriction program affects generators, carriers, treaters and disposers of hazardous waste. About 3,200 generators produce approximately 95,000 tonnes per year of hazardous waste in the province and send it for disposal in landfills (both on-site and off-site facilities) and landfarms (typically used by the petrochemical industry to dispose of sludges produced during the refining process). The new pre-treatment requirements impact about 1,950 of these hazardous waste generators.

The requirements primarily affect companies in the following industry sectors: primary metals, petroleum refining, transportation equipment, fabricated metal products, and chemical and chemical products. These five sectors account for approximately 75 per cent of the hazardous waste that is being land disposed. The remainder of the waste is generated within all the other sectors in the province.

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment is continuing to work on a number of issues associated with the implementation of the LDR provisions and recently met with the OWMA Environmental Affairs and Hazardous Waste committees to discuss the current status of LDR requirements. There is a series of guidance materials and clarification documents under development by the ministry and anticipated for release in the fall of 2006.

Copies of Regulation 347 (Reg. 461) and the ministry PowerPoint presentation are available by download at

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