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Natalie Zigarlick leaving RCBC

Natalie Zigarlick, executive director of the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC), is leaving her position....

Natalie Zigarlick, executive director of the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC), is leaving her position. News of the departure came just before Christmas on December 23 and the organization’s recent electronic newsletter is sketchy on the details, but offers the following letter from Ms. Zigarlick (Learn more about RCBC at

“When I started with RCBC I said that in my mind five years was an appropriate length of time for an ED to be with an organization. I have now been with RCBC for five and a half years and it is with a certain degree of regret that I pass on my goodbyes to all of the many members and supporters of RCBC. In my time as ED for RCBC I have been part of an exciting and challenging organization.

We have struggled (and won!) with finances — leaving us in a positive financial position with a great many options. We have expanded services — Saturday Hotline service and on-line materials exchanges are but a couple of examples. We have continued to provide timely and topical events — the Electronics Workshop (a trend-setter, before the current emphasis on electronics was widespread), the Breakfast with the Ministry (which sometimes even included the Minister), and of course the RCBC conference (always a showcase of expert opinion and current activity). Our publications have become both more frequent and more varied — think about the Fact Sheets, and our renewed website.

In the process of making these things happen I have been able to work closely with a group of committed individuals towards a common goal of increased environmental sustainability. Staff and members have made my job a pleasure and I am truly grateful to have had this experience. I have enjoyed the many opportunities that I have had to learn from you all and I do hope that I have been able to pass along assistance and support to you.

I wish you all continued success and good fortune and, of course, A Happy New Year.


Natalie Zigarlick

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