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Michigan passes bills restricting waste import

The majority bills in a package of Michigan bills designed to restrict waste importation are on their way to the st...

The majority bills in a package of Michigan bills designed to restrict waste importation are on their way to the state’s governor’s desk. The Michigan senate has decided not to wait to pass the bills as leadership had indicated in comments made last week. The senate has overwhelmingly passed Senate Bills 57, 506, 557, 502, 497, 499, 500, 715, 498 and House Bills 5234 and 5235. All bills were given immediate effect. Two of the bills, SB 498 (list of items banned, de minimus) and HB 5235 (notification of list of materials prohibited) are headed back to the House with changes.

Details of the bills are as follows:
Senate Bill 57: Gives border-closing authority to the DEQ Director for health and safety reasons.

Senate Bill 497: Beverage Container Definition. The House has a similar bill (HB 4099) See below. One of these bills will be discarded.

Senate Bill 498 *: Beverage container and whole tire ban. Adds beverage containers and whole tires to items banned from landfills. De minimis amount are allowed. De minimis language also applied to yard waste, which is a welcome change.

Senate Bill 499: Authorizes State Police inspections of waste loads.

Senate Bill 500: $25,000 per day fine for second violation of banned material.

Senate Bill 502: DEQ notification requirements. The department is required to notify other states and countries of items banned from Michigan landfills and notify Michigan landfill operators which states and countries have equivalent bans and qualify to send waste to Michigan.

Senate Bill 506: Landfill expansion moratorium imposed until January 1, 2006.

Senate Bill 557: Requires landfills to annually report remaining landfill capacity.

Senate Bill 715: Counties will help the state police and the DEQ conduct waste inspections.

House Bill 4099*: Beverage container definition. This is the House version of Senate Bill 497. (See above) One of these bills will be discarded.

House Bill 5234: Waste must meet Michigan standards, be a singular type of waste or have been processed at a transfer station to remove banned items. Lifts county landfill siting requirement if adequate capacity exists within 150 miles.

House Bill 5235*: Solid waste haulers must provide annual notification to customers of items banned from landfills. DEQ required to post banned item information of their web site.

* Conference Committee Required due to changes imposed by the other chamber.

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