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Maple Reinders honored with award for facility

Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd. was honoured for the third time for its ground-breaking design and construction of...

Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd. was honoured for the third time for its ground-breaking design and construction of the Hamilton Centralized Compost Facility. The coveted Design-Build Award for Excellence was presented to Maple Reinders by the Canadian Design-Build Institute at their annual Conference held this year in Vancouver, British Columbia in recognition of excellence in the industry.

The award comes just two months after the firm was presented with the 2006 Environmental Achievement Award by the Canadian Construction Association, as well as the Netherlands/Ontario Waste Management Partnership Award for its outstanding partnership between Ontario waste management companies, municipalities and corporations from the Netherlands that are leading the way in Ontario with innovative waste diversion ventures.

With the critical state of the environment as one of the hottest global issues, sustainable waste management has taken a front seat on many municipal agendas. In 2003, the Province of Ontario declared a goal for municipalities to divert 65% of their waste from landfills by 2010. Working with this challenging target, the City of Hamilton contracted with Maple Reinders and its project partners to design, build and operate a unique centralized compost facility. The design and process equipment are based on very successful models in use in the Netherlands for more than 20 years.

The completed $30.7 million Hamilton Central Composting Facility (CCF) is capable of processing 60,000 tonnes of organic waste per year; about one-third of Hamiltons residential waste stream. The aerated static pile process uses sealed concrete tunnels to control all parameters of the compost cycle; heat, moisture and oxygen. The usual nuisances associated with outdoor composting – such as odour, vermin, flies and weather-related delays – are eliminated.

Since start-up in May 2006, the Hamilton CCF has become a model operation, visited by representatives of municipalities from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa; all seeking comparable solutions for their waste management programmes.

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