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Halton Recycling responds to contract cancelation

Halton Recycling Ltd. has issued a news release in response to the cancelation by the City of Toronto of its c...

Halton Recycling Ltd. has issued a news release in response to the cancelation by the City of Toronto of its contract for processing of source separated organics. We reproduce the release in full below.

Press Release – October 1, 2009

Halton Recycling Ltd. has been advised that the City of Toronto is cancelling the current contract for processing of source separated organics (SSO) from the Green Bin program. We do not believe that this action is justified.

Halton Recycling does not, and did not, send unprocessed SSO to landfill. We are not a waste company, we are a leader in recycling and composting. Our corporate mission since our founding in 1976 has been to work towards Zero Waste.

We received material from the City after the recent outside workers strike at our Newmarket composting facility which was in an advanced state of decomposition; it presented difficulties in processing that were not typically encountered with regular Green Bin material. We even requested that the City take back some of this material.

From September 14th to September 18th, HRL staff decided that the batches of this SSO material most of which were partially treated (pre-compost material) were too problematic to continue to process.

As a result the decision was made to send a total of 8 loads of this material to a facility in Michigan that has a landfill operation and a composting facility. Six loads of pre-compost underwent further curing and maturation into finished compost or were used for daily cover in the landfill which is a beneficial use, replacing earth material which would otherwise be needed. The remaining two loads were residual off-spec material from the composting process, not SSO materials.

Halton Recycling does not send pre-compost to landfills. All pre-compost materials have been sent to licensed Ontario facilities for further curing and maturation. There have been increased challenges since August 2009 when the Ontario Ministry of Environment closed a composting facility in Southern Ontario which used to do final curing of our compost.

Our contract with the City of Toronto does allow HRL to send material away for the composting process if it is “below standards”; the material sent to Michigan was far below standards.

We are disappointed that the City of Toronto has made this decision. We have worked hard over recent years and especially in recent months to be a very responsible partner with Toronto to increase the amount of waste diversion for Ontario.

Company Contact:

Noel Moya

Tel: 905-868-8224


395 Harry Walker Parkway South
Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 8T3

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