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Forum on RFID-based business practices

In recognition of the rapidly changing global business environment, GS1 Canada is pleased to facilitate the launch ...

In recognition of the rapidly changing global business environment, GS1 Canada is pleased to facilitate the launch of the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Policy Forum.

“RFID-based business processes are changing the economic landscape both in Canada and internationally. They are being deployed in areas such as the agriculture sector to track food products, the healthcare sector to reduce medication errors and the retail sector to decrease out of stocks,” said N. Arthur Smith, President and CEO of GS1 Canada. “The RFID Policy Forum will provide businesses and the public with neutral, fact-based information and research, stimulating an important dialogue on all aspects of RFID-based electronic business processes.”

The RFID Policy Forum brings together leaders from trade associations, the public sector and industry, as well as officials and individuals representing the public interest. As part of the official launch of the RFID Policy Forum, and in tandem with World Environment Day, the Environment Working Group was established. Ontario’s Environment Commissioner Gordon Miller addressed forum participants.

“Forums such as this present a great opportunity to examine and analyze emerging technologies and processes, and to engage in dialogue about their potential to shape the future of our economy and society,” said Miller. “In particular, this Forum presents an opportunity to identify potential benefits and challenges associated with the use of RFID-based processes for environmental management.”

Smith echoed Miller’s sentiments. “By capitalizing on the broad, cross-sector private, public and consumer expertise of this group, the RFID Policy Forum will help to ensure that Canadian businesses are properly equipped with current, factual information about this global business transformation so that they can remain competitive, as well as ensure adequate communication and full transparency to the public at every step.”

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