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First facility to manufacture EarthShell packaging

Meridian Business Solutions (MBS), an EarthShell Corporation licensee, today announced that it has finalized and si...

Meridian Business Solutions (MBS), an EarthShell Corporation licensee, today announced that it has finalized and signed a lease agreement for a facility in Springfield, Missouri as the company’s first manufacturing operations for EarthShell Packaging products. MBS chose to commit to the Missouri location based on a variety of favorable conditions, while the previously announced San Francisco facility will be reviewed as a potential secondary manufacturing location. Additionally, MBS is moving into new corporate office space in Larkspur, California in the San Francisco bay area.

By locating the first manufacturing facility in Missouri in close proximity to Detroit Tool and Engineering (DTE), manufacturers of the equipment, MBS will benefit from shorter transportation times, reduced shipping and installation costs and as a result of greater access by DTE personnel, an even smoother transition in manufacturing startup is anticipated. With the capability of housing and operating over 100 equipment modules, the Missouri facility will also provide MBS adequate room for future expansion.

"The decision to locate our initial manufacturing operation in Missouri will prove beneficial on a variety of fronts," said Greg Hoffman, managing partner of Meridian Business Solutions. "MBS will take advantage of this central U.S. location to improve logistics, receipt of raw materials and distribution of product. We believe that this location will be advantageous for MBS, EarthShell and DTE, and most importantly, for EarthShell Packaging customers."

MBS is anticipating initial equipment delivery of eight modules from DTE by the end of January. Installation and debug of these eight modules will take approximately 45 days and be ready to ship EarthShell plates and bowls to the marketplace in late March.

In related news, and as part of MBS’ focused effort to accelerate and expand manufacturing capacity to produce EarthShell Packaging, MBS is now working with other potential EarthShell licensees in Mexico and abroad to produce EarthShell Packaging. Sanctioned by EarthShell Corporation, this effort would allow all parties to benefit from the development of a cooperative manufacturing network that can be used to service domestic and international customers.

Additionally, MBS and other allied EarthShell licensees will have the opportunity to benefit from other joint activities, such as the procurement of raw materials and distribution services. As these relationships develop, MBS may elect to invest in the operations of other licensees. In addition, MBS is working with EarthShell Corporation to consider certain strategies for the use of the EarthShell brand name in identifying the operations of MBS and other licensees globally.

For more information about EarthShell Corporation (OTCBB: ERTH), please call 410- 847-9420 or visit the company’s website at Meridian Business Solutions (MBS) is a licensee of EarthShell Corporation. EarthShell Corporation is engaged in the licensing and commercialization of proprietary composite material technology for the manufacture of environmentally preferable foodservice disposable packaging, including, plates, bowls, hinged-lid containers, cups, and sandwich wraps with offices in Santa Barbara, California and Baltimore, Maryland.

Ayron Sequeira
Communications Director

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