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EPSC executive change

The Board of Directors of Electronics Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC) has announced changes to the organizat...

The Board of Directors of Electronics Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC) has announced changes to the organization that will sustain industry’s leadership position in developing and promoting end of-life electronics stewardship programs across the country.

EPSC is a not-for-profit organization established by Canada’s leading electronics manufacturers as well as the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) and Electro-Federation Canada (EFC). Its mandate is to design, promote and implement sustainable industry-led solutions for the appropriate recovery and recycling of electronic waste. Along with partners at the Retail Council of Canada, EPSC was instrumental in establishing industry lead electronics stewardship programs in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and British Columbia and their work continues in these and other Canadian jurisdictions.

EPSC is pleased to inform stakeholders of the appointment of Ralph McMillen, HP’s Supply Chain Operations VP to be Interim President.

McMillen has been part of EPSC since its inception and brings a wealth of experience to this role. He participated in the first industry initiated Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) program in Saskatchewan. He has also assisted HP in implementing the compliance requirements for battery packaging & WEEE compliance.

His background includes being a certified director under the Institute of Corporate Directors. His extensive management, financial and operations experience mean he will be a will bring a wealth of industry expertise and good governance to EPSC.

He can be contacted at:

EPSC remains committed to succeed in delivering on EPSC’s mandate to design, promote and implement sustainable solutions associated with electronics in Canada. The Board of Directors looks forward to ongoing collaboration with governments, key stakeholders, other industry association partners, and consumers, along with the members of EPSC, as this important work continues.



Nathan MacDonald
Director, Environmental Programs
Electronics Product Stewardship Canada

Tel: 416-576-4555



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