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Guy Perlman is studying factors that predict participation in waste diversion programs in urban centres of developi...

Guy Perlman is studying factors that predict participation in waste diversion programs in urban centres of developing countries. Having recently returned from six months of CIDA-sponsored fieldwork in Phitsanulok, Thailand, examining myriad factors contributing to the city’s success at diverting household waste from landfill, he has found that this success can be partially attributed to community-based solid waste management systems such as recycling and composting programs.

"We need a better understanding of what motivates people to recycle and to compost in order to plan waste diversion systems that work," said Guy.

Guy’s involvement with Thailand precedes this research project. After completing a BSc. at the University of Guelph in natural resources management with a focus on international agriculture and soil conservation, Guy spent five years working in Thailand. First, working for CUSO as a Soil Conservation Agronomist, he was involved in research on soil fertility and nutrient dynamics, as well as in extension work with small scale farmers of Thailand’s impoverished Northeast region.

Then, as an environmental engineer for Dames and Moore (a large environmental consulting firm), he managed a large-scale project for the remediation of oilfield drilling wastes, contaminated soil and groundwater. Guy gained valuable experience in various aspects of project management including team leadership and supervision, data collection and management, contractor liaison and supervision, ongoing and closure reporting, budgeting, HSC, environmental assessments, modeling and remediation, and working closely with international laboratories.

Guy Perlman is currently completing graduate studies in Environmental Planning at the Faculty of Environmental Design at Guelph.

Contact Guy Perlman at 416-921-3016 or email at
39 Marlborough Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1X5

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