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Eco-friendly ideas for the holiday season

GoGreenOnline (, the online community created to teach long-lasting and sustainable habits, a...

GoGreenOnline (, the online community created to teach long-lasting and sustainable habits, announced the launch of its Zero Waste Christmas initiative. Zero Waste Christmas seeks to inspire people to think differently this holiday season by generating less waste and focusing on the human connection. The program begins this week and will run through the holiday season.

For many, the holiday season tends to be stressful and overpowered by massive spending, combined with excess amounts of garbage. GoGreenOnline proposes giving people the gift of less stress, the planet the gift of less waste, and friends and family the gift of deeper personal connections, for a better overall experience.

“One quarter of American households don’t know how they are going to pay off thousands of dollars in holiday spending debt,” said Christine Mason McCaull, founder of GoGreenOnline. “We also generate an extra 25 million tons of trash between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’re offering a better way.”

The Zero Waste Christmas focuses on three areas: “Shifting your Gifting,” “The Practical Stuff” — which includes things like decorating and wrapping — and “Ways to Create More Joy and Connection” during the season.

The first step, “Shifting Your Gifting” recommends gifts that use listening skills and creativity, and are good for the planet, not create debt and a pile of wrapping paper trash bigger than the tree.

The next step encourages gift-givers to think about strengthening family relationships in an effort to create stronger personal connections. GoGreenOnline suggests group activities such as Family Open Mic Night, 101 Questions to Ask Your Family, or Family Spa. Additionally, green wrapping, decorating, greeting, and eating suggestions can also be found on the site.

Users will also find encouragement through the resource lists and community groups, hosted on Founder Christine Mason McCaull hopes this will lead to a wide-scale attitude adjustment when it comes to the holidays.

“Sometimes going green can be a daunting challenge, but we need to begin somewhere,” adds McCaull. “People need not be worried about going, ‘all or nothing.’ Zero is definitely a stretch goal — this is not about deprivation, it’s about delight. Even if you do only one thing, every little bit helps.”

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