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Dry packaging system for liquid cleaners

Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc., a subsidiary of International Daleco Corporation, has announced the successful develop...

Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc., a subsidiary of International Daleco Corporation, has announced the successful development of the world’s first dry packaging system for a liquid cleaning product. This new packaging is the result of a collaborative joint development effort that has led to a major scientific advancement in packaging technology.

TrueGreen TM uses a portion-control, ready-to-use, precise dosage of a specially formulated bio-organic catalyst composition embedded in a non-woven insert. The insert can be simply slipped onto the tubular valve stem in a plastic bottle, or dropped into a mop bucket, and the bio-organic catalyst composition is then instantly diffused in water on-site. This breakthrough fundamental innovation enables small and lightweight packaging requirements, thus eliminating the use of plastic bottles for packaging and shipment of liquid cleaning solutions. This provides tremendous ease of storage and distribution over existing products, along with significant cost reductions.

TrueGreen brings a superior environmental effectiveness over other green chemistry products. The bio-organic catalysts in TrueGreen use biocatalytic reactions to rapidly breakdown and eliminate organic contaminants. These bio-organic catalysts are totally safe for human, animal, marine, and plant life; and uniquely combine superior cleaning along with bioremediation within a single step process.

TrueGreen provides a strong competitive entry into the sweeping global “green revolution” for environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. The marketplace includes homes, restaurants, schools, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, airlines, ships, and government offices. The response from early adapters has been quite favorable, and it is expected that additional product lines will be created based upon the specific requirements of various applications and distribution channels.

Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc.’s breakthrough proprietary bio-organic catalyst green chemistry compositions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the biological processes used in industrial cleaning, wastewater treatment, water purification, soil remediation, agriculture, aquaculture, and reduction of hazardous volatile organic compounds (ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gases). These bio-organic catalysts solubilize organic waste into harmless substances and leave no residues behind. This keeps drains clearer, reduces slipperiness on floors, and removes the food source for disease-causing pathogens; thus generating higher standards of cleanliness and restoration of a healthy environment.

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