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Database locates old waste disposal sites

EcoLog Environmental Risk Information Services Ltd. (ERIS) is a national database service, which provides specific...

EcoLog Environmental Risk Information Services Ltd. (ERIS) is a national database service, which provides specific environmental information to unravel specific questions. It can be used to locate old landfills and other waste disposal sites.

In 1996, ERIS was created to provide an unparalleled environmental information source which could provide consultants, lawyers, engineers, financial institutions and other property stakeholders with the necessary data to assist in environmental assessment and due diligence associated with property transactions. The detailed requirements of CSA Standard Z768 the U.S. ASTM for Phase 1 ESAs and a growing frustration with slow and unreliable government information sources helped encourage the creation of the ERIS service in all provinces across Canada.

The process of acquiring public records for risk assessment purposes can be frustrating and often quite time consuming. An ERIS report can provide data on potential hazardous waste and other liabilities.

Specific questions that ERIS can help answer include things like, Is there a waste disposal site on my property?

Within the province of Ontario, there are approximately 6,000 active or inactive waste disposal grounds used for municipal or private usage. Government regulations stipulate that sites closed for more than 25 years should not be of concern, but what about those recently closed?

Through a comprehensive search of two databases tailored to answer this question, an ERIS report will provide the concerned consumer with information regarding all waste disposal grounds located within a 500m radius search of a subject site.

Before you start digging for clues Call ERIS for a “Waste Disposal” report! Within two business days you’ll be on your way to solving your own questions.

Visit the ERIS website and view a sample ERIS report at or call Kathryn Shaw at 1-888-702-1111 ext. 5

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