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Conporec to build organic composting complex

Conporec is investing $9 million to build Quebec's first large ultramodern composting plant for organic material in...

Conporec is investing $9 million to build Quebec’s first large ultramodern composting plant for organic material in Bcancour. Strategically located in the heartland of Quebec, with ready access to highways, railroads and the port of Bcancour, the new Conporec plant will serve all regions of Quebec as well as Ontario and the Atlantic provinces.

The composting centre will be located on Conporec’s new property, the La Prade Environmental Park-Quebec’s first environmental park and the former site of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd’s heavy water plant. Covering a total area of 110,000 square metres (11 million square feet), the centre will be home to buildings with a total area of 15,000 m2 (150,000 sq ft) and will eventually regroup other environmental activities and technologies.

Within the environmental park, Conporec plans to establish waste recovery units to produce biological fertilizers, biofuels or energy from the biomass that will be treated through its processes. The La Prade Environmental Park will help Conporec carry out projects involving the transformation of biomass into green energy, with recovery rates anticipated at up to 90 per cent from residual domestic waste.

The first phase of the development will be a new processing plant for source-separated organics (SSO); Conporec says it will offer higher performance than any existing facility. Using a patented technology developed through the co-operation between Conporec and its Biomax subsidiary, this plant will become Conporec’s technology showcase in SSO treatment.

The second construction phase will involve the completion of the waste management system through a sorting-composting facility. This represents the backbone of Conporec’s technology, widely recognized for its efficiency in processing unsorted domestic waste. The company currently operates a sorting-composting plant in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, and recently completed a second facility in New York State. A third facility is under construction near Paris, France and a fourth will soon be under way near Perth, Australia.

Conporec’s patented composting and sorting technologies for municipal solid waste management help reduce greenhouse gases, treating 100 per cent of the organic content while achieving recovery rates of 75 per cent of the original waste mass.

In related developments, the company reports that it has just received the first certification in Canada for a compost produced from residential mixed waste. After a rigorous and standardized certification process carried out over several months, the Bureau de normalisation du Qubec (BNQ) issued Conporec a certificate of compliance for the compost produced at its sorting-composting facility in Sorel-Tracy.

The certification from the provincial standards office confirms that Conporec’s compost product meets some of the most stringent agronomic and environmental quality criteria and standards in the world. The achievement represents a first for Quebec as well as Canada for compost made from residential mixed solid waste (MSW), in view of the fact that other certified compost products are made from other types of SSO wastes, says the company.

“The BNQ certification for our compost is the result of our innovative technology developed through ten years of sustained R&D efforts,” said Conporec president and CEO Jean Beaudoin. “This recognition clearly demonstrates the efficiency of the sorting-composting process, and the high quality of the end product. It provides assurance to municipalities and citizens that they can achieve the highest waste recovery rate at competitive price, while being able to use a certified and high quality product,” he added.

More information is available from Jean Beaudoin at Conporec, 450-746-9996 or 418-527-9996. Please visit

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